Turning Off A Light

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The context for this poem is real. Even though I first saidthere are no hard feelings for me. It is not easy but I am sure time will healme. This looks like the “Turning Off The Light” forever. Never will Iattempt anything like this again. There is none to blame in this. It is just Iam so unfortunate in the matter of love that’s all.


Turning Off A Light.

With hands upon his heart he prayed,
For the love of her, whom he loved,
Then with faith, he loved her more,
As, seen a candle light far,
Even in the flickering light he saw,
Far sight of the days to come,
Wondered about the magnificence,
Of a future filled with understanding,
And the love of that understanding,
Of each other in the celebration of life.

Oh’ in penance towards love he walked,
As the light from the candle was bright enough,
Though stale everything remained,
Some faith undefined always told,
To gather every bit of himself in perfection,
And piece together the jigsaw puzzle in front.

Illusion in the dim light guided,
The puzzle piece by piece together he finished,
To see the face the candle he raised,
But those eyes no longer at his eyes looked,
As far back to her own past she fell.

Waiting is one thing he hate,
Hating is one thing, to him unknown,
Oh’ he ended up waiting and waiting,
But hours later she is gone he known.

Oh’ alone with the flickering candle he stood,
Perplexed at uncaring gestures,
Then the candle and its light he turned off,
Plunging himself into scary silence,
And nightmarish darkness even in the soul filled,
He waited for a moment and walked,
Unknowing what direction is his move,
Knowing well, directions don’t matter,
When everything is with darkness filled.


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