A Turning Point.

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mmm Recently I wrote a poem “Turning Off A Light”, you know what, Ire-read that poem many times, and I now know, that was the turning offof something more. Yes, I don’t think I can write about love or romanceanymore. I will only write about what I live through, and I don’t livethrough any love or romance so it is hyper hypocricy if I write aboutlove and romance. I never thought I will turn myself off like this. Itjust happened that way. There are people who believe that everythinghappen for a reason, whatever is the stupid reason for my existence issomething unknown to mankind. In all probablity none will ever know it.Anyway, I don’t want depress anyone with my own depression haha… I amgoing to think deep and more deep to figure out what subject I shouldwrite about from here on. It is tough, but I will get the better ofthis. Life is my enemy, I will defeat it and conquer it and then I willlive it in “My Own” way.

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