Milwaukee Summerfest 2006

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Five days and nights of partying and being with friends Iknow really, really helped me to get back to square one. Literally I went backto where it all started. Milwaukee,wow what fun we have had. Summerfest rocked the first three evenings. Lateevenings and nights were spend in different nightclubs, Ladybug, Rain, Cans,Taylor’s and partying at my friend Nitin’s place. Three Indian girls joined usfor the party. I don’t like Indian girls… period… nothing personal about anyonein particular. One of the girls and my friend Deepak got really friendly… toofriendly… so as I agreed earlier that I will not say “No” to anything. I agreedto myself and others. It was fun but we would’ve had more fun without thosegirls. Nitin got a date this great girl called Michelle one of the two faces Ireally remember from five days and nights of fun. I look at people who showtheir beauty through eyes and speak from the heart. Even though I did not spoketo Michelle, through Nitin I now know she indeed is a wonderful person. I willspeak about the second face a little later.

  All American Rejectswow they rocked well and by the end of the concert me and Nitin lost our voicecompletely after screaming for more than an hour. As usual we reached theconcert area late and me and my boss and best friend Prabhakar, pushed our wayinto the middle of the people. It was easy as most of the crowd were kidsaround the age between 16 and 20 none of them was in anyway a match for twowild fat guys… haha.. The next day… we went for the “Soul Asylum” concert thistime I told Deepak to take the camera and take some pictures of the band. Theseguys are as fresh as they were ten years ago. Here again we reached the concertlate mainly because of me as I fell asleep and spend nearly an hour and half tofinish my shower. But I did not missed one of my all time favorite songs“Runaway Train”. (I have the old music video of this song in my IPod) It wasgreat. Then we went to see “Joan Jett and the Blackhearts” another wonderfulperformance. She is a little girl but boy she can scream through every cornerof her body. I love it.

  In all I might haveslept about six hours of sleep in five days. I am tired and need a lot ofsleep. We guys have at times away from the Indian girls had lot of “Guys” funalso I don’t want to give any details about it. Go figure haha… my problem allthrough the time was feeling sleepy, my friends mmm drunk to their ass that’swhat I can say. I was always the designated driver but in another way I wasmore dangerous than those guys as I have the habit of falling asleep whilesitting in a chair. But we were all cool.

  On Monday July 3rdwe were at the nightclub Rain wow wonderful place with great loud music. Idon’t really talk to drunken people as I know they may not remember what I sayand I won’t be able to hear what they say. Here I found the second face thatstuck in my mind. Rachel, that’s the name she told looked very intelligent andof course beautiful. She was just standing near the bar counter looking at me,I was surprised as very little people look at me that way. I went to her andintroduced myself and we were talking about each other. In the meanwhile one ofthe Indian girls with Nitin came to me and told “Let us take a picture” I toldRachel one second and told Nitin to keep the Indian girls away from me. I turnedaround and Rachel is gone to thin air. Literally, I looked for her all throughthe nightclub without being able to find anyone even close to her looks. mmmm Ionce more cursed the entire womanhood sparing my mother and sister and walkedout of the nightclub. Whoever she is, she will be remembered. That’s me… theemotionally hyperactive poet. Haha… well…. There were others I met at differentplaces, Christine and Holly mmm that’s what I said earlier… it was guys fun andI am not going to go into the details about it. Now I am back in Albany… as usual I don’thave my bag with me. Even on the way to Milwaukee,I missed the bag in Chicago.Well… its all part of the fun, that’s how I take it. Milwaukee summerfest 2006 is something thatwill remain in my memory for sometime I really wish I were there for the wholetime. That’s what I decided in the end. I officially asked my boss and friendto get me a job in Milwaukee.Yes, now I know where I will settle down. After nearly nine years of vagabondlife. I decided it is Milwaukee, Wisconsin where I will nestaround.
Picture 031a
This is me watching the soccor match between Brazil and France.

Picture 014A
From left Nitin, Deepak, Prabhakar and of course the sleepy me.

Picture 032

The Soul Asylum concert.

Picture 034

Soul Asylum Performing Runaway Train.

Picture 042A

Me and Nitin with three Indian girls. Two of these are twins and thethrid one Sunita second from right ended up being the best friend of mymy friend Deepak. The twins names are still confusing to me, ones nameis Mansi and another Bensi. Who is who I don’t know. They asked me whydo I hate them I told “Nothing personal, I just don’t like them allthat’s it”. I was so tired of dancing and right after this picture Imissed one of the best person I’ve met in Milwaukee. I was so muchpissed off I stayed away from these girls the rest of the night. That’sme…

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