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There was this talk with someone on Friday.That’s what this poem is all about. I usually don’t force anything upon me,well I have to, as this love I feel for this girl in all way is inappropriate.I am not going to give any details as that will expose her identity. I alsorequest her not to comment on this post and poem. It is nothing but love I feeland love in return is something I may not have. The whole thing is something Ithought I am way over and unreal. Now I know it is not unreal and in the comingdays, I have to get over this, because there is no appropriate or real goodending to this. I will succeed in getting over it, as I must.


The early morning sun I did not see,
Can’t look at him when I woke up as in all his glory he blazed,
The Friday laziness through every vain wrapped,
Still the calendar shouted at me to be at work.

Oh’ the darling mind so matured yet so young,
The one I will always answer without doubt,
Frustration or sadness I don’t know,
She held my mind with her words and mine,
All day even hunger and busy schedules never bothered.

Real is my love for her with no reality to end,
Mind swayed when heard she is in doubt and pain,
Oh’ no way I can win your heart; no way I can walk away,
From my own conscience, yet, I still took my dirty laundry,
To clean as much as I can.

When closing my eyes I can see myself walking,
Over the ruins of a burned down city,
Charred bricks and woods, smoldering concrete,
Red hot metals and the wind blowing up burned papers.

These are the images of my own love I see,
Still a smile of satisfaction upon my face spread,
As far away I am and as far away as I can I will remain,
When the best feeling I ever felt for anyone,
In purity haunts and she in love,
Is loving and in the love she love.

Even when I walk around and talk to people,
I still feel the smell of ashes,
I know I burned down that city of inappropriateness,
As I sing a lullaby to the love lover in me,
For him to take his eternal sleep.

When watching stars far away I thought,
Oh’ sleep consume me as long as you can,
As peace of mind is an illusion only in sleep comes.
And dark and silent remained the rest of my night.

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