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Pirates Of The Caribbean’s haha that was the event of the day on Saturday. Well I was thinking of going for this movie last week but busy schedules and my laziness kinda kept me away from almost everything. Well… Saturday I saw this bizarre and violent dream about Pirates attacking a ship and looting them. Then I thought I must see this movie at any cost today. I went with my buddy Mike. The starting filled us both read the poem you will know.




The silver linings upon the curtains glittered,

As sun rays fought hard to sneak,

Some sure sneaked in and upon my face danced.


When was the last time a weekend morn I have seen, I forgot,

The mid-noon sun fired his rays warming all to upper nineties,

Turned around and to sleep more I tried,

Bending and squeezing my legs together under the comforter.


The ship masts were high and sail held on strong,

Skull and bones upon the moth eaten black rug,

Still seen from miles far,

Cutlass at each other crashed dripping blood,

Faces red, mixed with anger and fear,

Cannons and pistols fired filling air with smoke,

Oh’ pirates became killing machines to plunder,

To save the treasures for some monarch extravagant,

The so called men of good fought, died,

And perished into the ocean’s depths,

The pirates howled in celebration,

Intoxicated by the fury of killing and well-aged rum.


From the scattered ruins floating,

Far away, the view moved slowly,

Deep and spread far, the ocean laid in calm,

Reflecting light away as if a billion diamonds spread,

Upon blue velvet in the northern wind moved.


The reality woke me up as sun pierced,

And burned my bare neck and warmed my hair,

Oh’ what a deadly battle dream I have seen,

Pain and death celebrated by the mockery of wealth,

Even these days’ legends of pirates tell,

How they lived, killed and died.


The newspaper shown a face of a pirate,

And me and my friend to see that movie of pirates went,

‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’s’ I loved the action and fun,

Johnny Depp Oh’ what an eccentric pirated he can be,

Bloom bloomed inside every young girl’s heart.


Late evening as usual I spent,

Scribbling verse about love in real I feel,

When the sleepy eyes drooped,

And pen from my hand dropped,

My mind became a screen and showed,

The best scene from the movie earlier I’ve seen,

The starting, from the bosom of Kyra Knightly,

Imprinting in my mind pixel by pixel that beauty,

In wonder and admiration, I always will remember.



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