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A string of poems. I did wrote… then I thought…. You all don’t deserve this… in a good way and bad way. Haha… There are people I know thinking about every bad things I do and write in here. Well to all of them I ask what did you all do when only through the good path I walked? Now I know, I deserve better. Does any of these make any sense to anyone?….mmmm may be not, that’s why I said… you all don’t deserve this… the good of it and the bad of it.

 “Yesterdays” will continue in LonelyPoet.Com.




From the torment of darkness light saved,

Mind both conscious and sub-conscious,

Along with light came warmth of the summer sun,

Friday is here some happy thought in me proclaimed,

“What difference does it makes? “

The pessimist with a growl asked,

Angry young man you can’t be the optimist argued,

I left those idiots to argue in me and took a late start,

Lunch with colleagues at the River Barge,

Broken party with couple of friends,

The day hop-stepped and jumped all over me.


Oh’ the nighttime stormed from the back unknowing,

A long warm day collapsed and fell apart to the wrath,

Of the dark horses who all ran over the evening crushing,

Beauty that lit candles upon the western sky.


As upon the couch I stretched,

With eyes into the darkness of sleep drowning,

Somewhere inside the mind I can hear,

The pessimist’s celebration of his victory.



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