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Uneventful weekend in every material ways. Well, when looking through the spiritual side…haha I can sing “What a wonderful weekend”. It was good. I got a grip on the control buttons. That’s it.



A weekend morning I haven’t seen,

In many years of my life upon earth,

So many colorless dreams flying around,

Some kissed upon the eyes and colorful they became,

Many others perplexed and flown away colorless.


Nice I thought the day will be,

But rain from the muscles of the dark clouds poured,

Once again, River Barge became our place for lunch.


Oh’ what a wonderful sight to see the rain lashing,

Upon Hudson in patience grew a little more,

Ducks swimming around and to grab a mean down the dive,

And mind relaxed watching pretty faces around.


The weekend evening uneventful I kept,

Some scattered thoughts lingered,

Like the clouds after the afternoon rain,

Nymphomaniacs walked around with vulture eyes,

I smiled at the pitiful conditions of these sex machines,

Then for my early sleep away to my room I walked,

Knowing once more there still lives man inside me,

Who once upon a time lived in thoughts and actions, saintly.


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