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A very normal weekend day… I really don’t have a lot to say…..


River Hudson, near downtown Albany and near the river-front-barge.



Opposite side of River Hudson, picture taken from the river-front-barge.  



The morning woke up from beside me,

And left me in my sleep undisturbed,

Noon placed her warm palm upon my face,

And feeling that warmth woke up I, and said,

“Oh’ what a wonderful summer day I woke up into”.


Late weekend lunch at the River-front-barge,

A new tradition of mine I love,

Chit chat with people, some friendly most wayfarers.


Movie and dinner at the mall, my good old tradition,

“Lady In The Water”, naa didn’t impressed me much,

The evening Oh’ how beautiful she came,

Drunk she was and puked all over me,

In the form of rain and with thunders beat me up,

And her bare body at me she flashed,

As lightning that tore all of my passions.

“Not immoral anymore” I said,

And into the night I stepped,

Though darker and silent, polite she was,

“Give me sweet dreams and be quite” I said to her,

Before my eyes I closed one time I looked,

Up to the heavens and in my mind I prayed,

“ May you give all good to all souls out there,

May the fighting find peace,

May the unloved find love,

May the hungry find food,

And may the orphaned and oppressed always find,

The guarding hands of yours in protection”.


A bit of peace, my mind found,

Into that bed of peace I crawled and forgot,

All conscious feelings material world can give.



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