To A Smile Filled Beauty

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The fallen leaves of fall are gone,
The winds brought heavier cold,
Your face in my mind warmth filled,
So did the love of mine for you in my soul.

Through different paths of life you and I pass,
In different parts of world we live,
Yet, forever your smile I will remember,
Forever your smiles will beautify my life.

Like the golden chariots of the evening sun,
You eyes spread the charms of love,
In the light from those eyes reflects,
Filled are the new definitions of love mankind unheard,

All my passion, all my compassion for you I will give,
All my expression of happiness and love I will fill,
With prettiness upon your face I see,
And every bit of sadness in your prettiness will dissolve.

So smile Oh’ my dear in the celebration of life,
Smile to fill the world with charms of love,
Every prayer of mine makes me a better poet,
As every prayer for your love I dedicate.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved-2012.

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Prayers Through Zeroes And Ones.

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Zeroes and ones Oh’ in many combinations they move,
Millions and millions at pace unimaginable,
Translated into languages humans known,
Painting faces in all colors and age,
Carrying said words and played music,
Zeroes and ones, wonders of a web weaved.

Upon the weaved web she danced,
Through it many eyes she mesmerized,
Her words flew to minds that burst into laughs,
Zeroes and ones Oh’ they carried her far, with care.

A poem by the hands of God written,
Her mind, a mind boggling metaphor,
Through her eyes one see a soul enchanted,
Zeroes and ones Oh by her smile brightened.

Hours at those brightened zeroes and ones watched,
Every bit of a man at a woman focused,
Oh’ in prayer not to fall in love a poet waited,
Zeroes and ones in the fun of her aloud they laughed.

The forced silence, the forgotten verses,
Deep rooted smiles awaken in all colors,
Trust each sought and to time and actions all left,
Still a twitch in heart made the poet pray more,
As his heart can never ever love,
Anyone else but his only darling to whom he belongs.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved. 2011.

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The Lonely Lilly

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Bright may not be the moonlight,
But the half-moon still very well shined,
The summer sprouts fell asleep,
And through the darkness came,
A cool breeze upon the pleasant moonlight gliding.

Sleep from inside me woke up and gripped,
The slow drowning leaving emotions one by one,
The muscles rested though no lullabies heard,
No dames to hold on to, just a surrender,
Upon the futon in the hallway,
Away from all into a world unknown.

Phantoms with ugly faces danced in nightmares seen,
Their screams and mocking laughs,
But these days, more than any monsters loneliness scares.
My subconscious mind screamed and back at them howled.

From behind upon a stallion, it came,
Knocked me down with vengeance and tied me up,
To a deep dark cave where nothing I saw,
Did darkness dance or were they shadows of doom?
Then slow pat on the forehead with a stick I felt,
“Open your eyes and watch me drown”
I heard the voice of a mid-aged woman,
When from sleep into the dancing moonlight I woke,
Not so far, but not so near the Lilly pond I can see,
And into the pond slowly she walked and disappeared.

Fearless near to the pond I went,
Then to every sense of mine came what each sense can feel,
The story of a maid who became her master’s victim,
And after lust gone not knowing what to do,
Into the pond drowned her mercilessly,
His crime with the help of a dark angel she avenged.
And near the pond the light of her soul she tied,
Every light-hearted will run for life,
But this poet in all curiosity towards the pond walked.

The wind stopped, the half moon upon the clouds rested,
The sun in the east wearing his armor,
For the conquest of the day to come,
Up close to the pond when I reached I saw,
A single fresh blossomed Lilly in the dim moonlight,
Plucking the flower back to my new home, I walked,
Knowing and feeling a soul restlessly wander,
In all probability until the end of time.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. 2009 All Rights Reserved

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The Intruder.

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Beside the river the house stood,
The surrounding of the house empty,
Oh’ from outside the beauty of the house not seen,
Mother Nature’s naughtiness fully seen,
Parasite’s brutality fully grown,
Dark patches showing the age of the house,
In majestic proportions the house filled the land.

The front door like a smiling face stood,
Open all the time though none in through it ventured,
The side windows like every opened eyes welcomed,
The true light of the house inside seen,
The big hallways leading to living room,
The dinning room can kill hunger of all kind,
As all the rooms stood big and tall,
Colorful drapes adorned the outside light,
The air inside so wonderfully scented,
Anyone inside will feel the comforts of feelings,
Feelings unique to each room in this wonderful house.

From the heart land came the intruder,
Creeping though the gates and then searching,
For a place to grow and show her charms,
Spoke wise words the house understood,
Unblinking eyes everyone from far saw,
In the prettiness of the flowers intruder gave.
Creepers crept all over the house masking age,
Flowers big as hands hanged from sides,
Through an open door intruder intruded,
Finding warmth inside from the winter cold,
Feeling of a different kind in every room intruder felt,
Rhyming with passion of each room filling own scent,
Then in spring time with flowing breeze dancing,
The intruder through the passing seasons consumed,
Every corner of the house changing and merging,
Into the house and house into the intruder,
Then the doors closed forever,
As none else the house wants,
To walk into the house even in the darker days to come.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. 2009 All Rights Reserved.

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When The Smoke Cleared.

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Fog and smoke slowly spread with the western wind,
Sparks of fire between the smoke seen that spread
Like the spark of life at birth one gets,
Ah’ the fires grown and grown wide and far.

When the fire grown and consumed all,
Flames so clearly seen, smoke way above gone,
Oh’ what wonderful wild fire you and I set,
From the sparks we felt with our glances and chit-chats.

The sparks every time we met we felt,
Silent, yet so wonderfully exchanged,
Unacknowledged, yet living every moment of time,
Hand in hand, heart entangled, in a wild, wild fire.

And from the fire sprouted wonders of love,
Wonders felt so close and all around us danced,
Wonders all around me wished to enter a bruised ego,
Worldly wonders, loveless, faithless, all of them I pushed aside.

The fire in me grown into a sanctified glow,
The glow that bound to the depths of soul,
Ah’ open your heart and soul for fires in you to grow,
Grow to consume the loving glow of mine with yours.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – 2018 – All Rights Reserved.

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A Nightly Prayer.

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Dear, Dearest, Darling Oh’ the romantic feelings called,
And from the moon came light that dissolves,
Into everything seen making them pretty,
From the heart came music that dissolves,
Into souls and make them feel inspired,
From your face came a smile,
That merged all beauty and makes me feel loved.

Glory to you who made me feel good,
And let all blessings of happiness upon you shower,
May the emotions and feelings of love fill you,
With every good now and hereafter.

Sad I will be and cry along when sadness binds you,
And every moment I will spend,
To keep away sadness from you,
Glad I will be when in gladness you smile.
And I will be at the best to see the smile of yours,
In every waking moment of our life.

The vows to thin air I spoke as the night faded,
The nightingales sang, sang and fell asleep tired,
The nightly doors of heaven closed and I hope,
My prayers were well accepted and you will smile more,
When the blessings of the three worlds unite and make,
You the blessing of my soul, my mind and my heart.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – 2018 – All Rights Reserved.

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Images Of A Future Time.

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Deep in through those eyes I see,
A calmness of a storm,
In the eye of that storm resides,
A soul, Yeah, A soul thriving for a hope.

And that hope took a piece of time from future,
And drawn images for that time to enact,
Ah’ in those images all I saw were you and I,
And the smile of yours sprouting from a happy heart.

The hope for a future with love filled,
But life the gambler thrown the dices,
Love, the game, played on and on
And we the lovers never got the dices right.

Two souls wants to join hands in real,
But the world so wild and weird for them both,
One bound to demons of past and loneliness,
The other can’t figure the feeling of love in busy times.

And to the setting sun through feelings of soul I said,
Go Set Sun… Restless wander beyond eyesight,
Taking light and warmth to another set of eyes..
Bring us the warmth and light unknown,
Bring us peace and love unknown…”
And the sun, set in the west away from my eyes.

I wonder what to the setting sun she said,
But squeaking birds indeed felt the happy rays of sun,
As I woke to a day dream that gave me a happy face,
Ah’ in every bit of life I sought and in every second seek,
The solace that weaves another yard of hope,
Hope that my soul is felt well by my darling girl,
Hope with the images drawn for time,

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM-2018. All Rights Reserved.

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The Flutter In Her Heart.

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Oh’ my trembling hands can’t write,
Anymore about life,
And at a pause life remains,
In a moment of feeling, perplexed.

My pen for the memories I leave,
O I have none at all worthwhile,
All wonderful magic of life’s mirages.

Life is just like the weather,
Confused between winter and spring,
As the calendar says,
Or is it really the other way around?
Just darkness inside my mind fills,
When brightness and warmth fills outside.
And leaves unloved heart like a black hole,
Where every other feeling dissolves and disappear,
Into a feeling once I wished with me you shared.

When life takes a retrograde,
Oh’ thoughts too through a prism of negative perceives,
Though meant to you, those thoughts in soliloquy spoke,
“Glad you must be for not sharing,
The misfortunes of an unfortunate lover,
Never drain that brain in thoughts of this lover,
Oh after all love indeed is just another emotion.”

Such where the thoughts of a lost lover,
So much was the passion kept inside for her,
Oh’ everywhere when turned to move ahead,
“Dead End” written literally and most of the time virtually,
Only one way the way that passed.

Then a thought came to mind,
Should I walk backwards through every steps I made,
Or turn around and through the same paths walk,
But in a new way away from those footsteps,
Never properly made, mostly fell by my own stupidity?
Then conscience protested “Loving her is no stupidity,
She is worth loving in any era and lucky you are,
For the brief time she spent reading you”.

What she gathered and what she accepted a mystery,
As conscience swirled around inside like a caged bird,
Ah’ collages of a future life filled with love all blurry seen,
Like mirages that changed with every move I made.

As the touch of love caressed every bit of air that touched,
And the feeling of love itself took another step, knowing,
There are no more definitions of love this man can make,
As she in her completes the romantic feeling felt,
Felt in the teen days when fear, excitement and love all blended,
Again and again through youthful days and the adulthood crisis,
Now sprouting slowly but steadily to absolute perfection…
Ah’ the flutter in her heart from far Oh’ so wonderfully felt.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM-2018. All Rights Reserved.

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The Defined Sense.

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Life, Ah’ life, it started with a mind with emptiness filled,
Humble steps and harmless falls took mind ahead.
Cried,  when nothing more known or pain of fall felt,
Smiled, when before an unknown for attention stood.

Defined, one’s own destiny with actions filled,
Refined, those actions when in failures backfired.
Misunderstood whispers, Oh’ redefined theology,
Sacred texts, Ah’ misunderstood philosophy.

Unanswered questions, mind in twists and turns feared,
Unconquered mind, Ah’ a lonely man’s missed fate,
Awkward silence of an unloved lover,
Torture that shows no bodily harm.

Valued by paper money, accepted by mocking talents,
Adored by time torn beauty, vision by illusions blinded.
A love filled reality by the mocking world destroyed,
When light from soul taken away by dramatic rejections.

How well should I shout to tell O darling how loud I should shout?
And tell you how much I love you,
Unreal it may sound, Unreal in every eyes that defines you,
Oh’ in real, five senses without you, a melting furnace.

I know you don’t define me, I know you don’t love me,
But without you undefined my life all around scatter,
Without your love senses their feelings lost,
As all merged into a sense and defined, you can never love me at all.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved-2011

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Turbulent Beginnings


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The Sights and sounds are feuding when at your beauty I look,
Love holding the hands of wind and around us fly,
Birds through the winds glide,
And in your eyes I see,

The origin of all ups and downs of this moment.
Oh’ the turbulent gone by days,
Like thick dark clouds on a summer day hide,
To come and strike us with thunderbolts in the dark of night,
Turbulent those days always are,

In the beginning of every relationships,
Though the inevitable turbulence shook,
Us beyond every imagination of us,
Ah’ the doubtful thoughts,
The sarcastic remarks with vengeance,
The eagerness to know the unknown of each other,
Then at the end of the day when known,

About the love of each other,
Tear filled apologies and embraces that made us one.
Oh’ all the pain heart went through,
All the sleepless nights,
The shed tears and the tears held,
The wonderful words spoken and the sharp sarcasms said,
When holding you in my arms I realize,
I can go through it all a million times again and again,
As the prize for all the effort worth,
Millions of lifetimes enslaved in love for you.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. 2009 All Rights Reserved.

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