My Love For Her.

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My love for her into the infinite spread,
Beyond what humanity with five senses discovered,
Out through the galaxies and stars, dust and frozen gas,
Ah’, warmed them all even where light and air never touched.

My love for her thrived in hearts that touched her,
Far more than humanity in all compassion ever imagined,
The ever-evolving nature and all her living stood in witness,
As my love for her even in pain and suffering in her heart perfected.

My love for her, Oh’, through every vein of her spread,
Passions of youth with confusions of the wicked world combined,
Ah’, to drown my love she tried and melancholy in heart prevailed,
And helpless, tear-filled, and lonely I stood as a tragedy.

My love for her, Oh’, forever in me will live and spread,
Through every corner of the universe urging for her a prayer,
And through every prayer plead I will for her mind to clear,
And learn the love in her for me is the reason for my love for her.

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Her Acceptance.

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Oh’, day, just another day, pass me by,
But history may remember you,
As someone’s lucky day,
And O’ Day you will once smile
As the memory, I left for you,
Brightened many more Days like you.

Days like these make one garland oneself,
As everything will stand apart and laugh,
The unfortunate sometimes passes through,
A world of imperfections without help and,
Through mockery and many times hatred,
World said, “Love for you went extinct.“.

Whispers of the wicked I call when they speak,
And they spoke louder and louder and faster,
Oh’, love is not a silent molecule none notices,
And they saw my love clear and loud still wailed,
Confusion and unknown bitterness made her listen,
And the World told her “Better is anyone else”.

The World wailed, fake lovers came with youthful smiles,
Temptations build through divine looking masquerade of evil,
Ah’, dragged on for a while but deep inside her she felt the call,
Of my love in all purity, sincerity, honesty, and gratitude,
And she came and read verses filled with my love only for her,
She whispered to my heart, “Love of yours never makes me Lonely”.

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An Invitation To Celebrate.

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Denounce my love as untrue,
Deny me love like an atheist deny faith,
Drag away from truth only for you unfolded,
Through paths of lies, betrayal, and pleasures material.

Though all seem divine in thoughts and actions,
The darkness through you unleashed and spread,
Never will succeed over the truth of my love,
For my love sprouted in your eyes once filled with love.

Morning spread, noontime paused, evening stretched,
When my lovers mind through eyeless world paced,
Stumbled around me were fake smiles and masqueraded faces,
Then deep inside soul felt my love for you and I said out loud,

“Sweetness this day shaped,
In your divine given image,
Gladness from your smile redefined,
Blessings sacrificed their wealth at your feet,
Though thou chose another to love ,
Ah’ my poetry can’t sacrifice the poetics,
When I feel my love for you.”

Oh’, nothing defeated love as deep inside us in this winter remain,
Those seeds of love in each other we sowed soon will sprout,
Ah’ celebrate we will so will the world of lovers along with us,
The celebration of our love unites us hand in hand too.

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A Cold Walk.

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Day showed her pretty face and brightened all,
Ah’, the sun was such a blessing even when about to move,
Into the house of Aquarius, where romances, honored,
Gentle became the soul, as only fall of snowflakes heard.

Thoughts came and spoke like little birds of spring,
And I asked “Didn’t I shed the dreams like the leaves of fall?”,
Oh’, long gone felt the thoughts about love and lover’s face,
But in every reflection of snowflakes filled her smiling face of love.

What blessings in the cold walk in snow showers I can take?
Asked I with every step I laid with care as fall snow became ice.
Nothing much moved in the walking trail than the falling snow,
My heart wished her hand in mine as thoughts of her kept me warm.

Yet, there is that part of conscience in despair cried,
Somewhere in the long journey lost the calming thoughts,
Oh’, sun again shined coming out of the bale of clouds,
As in the rising vapors of love future and past shaking hands.

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A Valiant Warrior.

Silence loomed all over the valley of the battlefield,
Ah’, armors tightened, spears and swords sharpened,
Looking back at the ways past, Oh’, life’s mischiefs,
Now all behind, an army ahead to fight, the warrior stood.

Drums and bugles screamed, soldiers screamed out loud,
More screams inside exploded, life and death faced against,
What led to the battlefield meaningless, who goes victorious,
More meaningless as for a bit of land, love, or vengeance all set to fight.

What rhetoric led them to leave all emotions? Oh’, none cared,
Then in the middle upon a horse, he came, the warrior who charged,
His horse killed, sword lost and he fought with shields and spears,
The battle raged and through dust, blood, and screams he fought.

Night came, lanterns and torches at each other led and warriors fought,
Dead drowned in blood, living fought in thirst of blood,
Shattered shields, broken spears, and burned out armors all he felt,
Nothing stopped the warrior from the victorious laughs when day broke.

When upon the hill he stood as sun blazed the horizons he thought,
What was it all about? Why so many fell? Why no wounds on him hurt?
Turning he saw a friend stretching his lost sword to him in respect,
He wiped his tears as he knows a truth he now knows well,

No matter how many battles in life and battlefield he may win,
The wound in his heart left by her won’t ever heal with any tears.

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A Game Of Romance.

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Have you seen the face of a roaring lion?
Have you seen the screaming waves of the ocean?
Have you stepped on the head of a wild mountain?
Ah’, upon which I stand seeing the face of a lion,

In the backdrop of an ocean of love in your heart.
What price do you pay to drown that love you feel?
What price do you pay to seek happiness so untrue?
Oh’, do you smile when you think about my love for you,

The love bruised and bashed in shores of your love.
Let the footprints of the worldly girl be erased,
By the waves of your love that wash ashore seeking,
Truth, honesty, sincerity, and sanctity of my heart.

Oh’, dear, the dearest, you shall not have to suffer,
To ornament your material life with momentary gladness,
You don’t have to pay any price to feel unromantic spirituality,
Feel your good in the love you feel from the depth of my heart.

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A Fulfilled Poet.

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Silent will not be this poet as through his poetics he will show,
The bare naked truth that looks like a lie, sounds like a lie,
And in all honesty, makes you feel like you’ve been lied to,
His never-ending journey, destinations built-in miraculous mirages.

When heart broke silence and senses in unison woke with love,
Ah’, her face embedded in his soul, waking from a deep long sleep,
And through verses in beauty, darkness, and light he tried,
To wake her soul, but the senseless, lie-filled world veiled his love.

A story, again and again, to tell her and the wicked world he tried,
But a poet’s lie his mind forgot, and the truth lost, in a world of lies,
And his verses blended into the reality of times and stretched,
Every vein to make a tune of life for both, a tune without music.

The winter season sang its hard-rock song in an old tune,
The dried barks of trees screeched and the snow owl flew,
Ah’, nature filled with sounds even when love never spoke,
Then in the silence brought to lips sounds of nature he heard,

The song of her heart filled with love she weaved from his poetry.

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The Twin Flames.

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Sleepless nights, Oh’, what heartaches became headaches,
Life went by became shadows of haunting figures and danced,
Along with the flickering flames of a fireplace deep inside burned,
Oh’, time cannot run out, the seeking forgiveness meaningless,

In the eyes of love, the lover, who offers love, unconditionally.
Who understands silence through love, ah’, given unknowingly,
As she traveled through land, air, and water in thoughts carrying,
Baggage she doesn’t want him to know, yet, forgiveness she seeks.

Oh’, those days, those childhood days, when life in every way mocked,
The plight she took in passions though deep inside found compassion,
When eyes of love she saw and when love of him lit a little fire,
That consumed her day and night with love, through love, and fulfillment.

In the aches he felt he screamed, “Oh’, dear, my dearest, power of love,
Of yours I feel and to you, I want to come. For the cloak of this world,
The meaning of flesh and meat on us, Ah’, when dried and drowned,
Our souls will stand united spreading light in the flames you carry.”.

And time shall remember the twin flames we are, meant for each other.

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The Answered Prayers.

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Wild horses in freedom galloped through the great plain lands,
And phantoms of great many souls for opportunities passed them by,
Years wrote stories and stories wrote history near lands he stood,
Where a kettle whistled and a steak upon coals grilled.

The saddening memories of many souls unknown lingered,
Oh’, the deepening emotions with those memories blended,
How far away he will drive through the roads of the great dream,
The success of many, failures of many, the great American dream.

Waves of lives he watched passing by, then he too started his drive,
How far away he will drive through these roads he knew not,
But at every mile passed again and again to shed the memories he tried,
Again and again, he failed a stood alone with a handful of tears.

Then one day he raised his hands and to the divine force he asked,
“Didn’t I prove to you that I am faithful, honest, and loyal?
Not asking rewards like the devil once asked you,
But reward me with happiness on earth through her love.”.

That car drove a little more before turning back to where all began.

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Love Filled Tears In Her Eyes.

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Wandered through the city lights I left no face unchecked,
Mind dragged on to see those eyes but the falling rain loved,
The unkissed cold cheeks of mine and the winds sang,
A melancholic tune repeated every season when alone I smirked.

I searched and searched until I can’t see anymore,
My ears listened and listened until I can’t hear anymore,
Heart yearned and yearned until I can breathe anymore,
Oh’, for me the ever-expanding universe has no room to expand.

I felt my eyebrows in my hand when the car started,
Where will I go empty-handed and empty-hearted,
What dreams I can weave in this rough and tough world,
Bring to me fate the unwritten chapter of my love story.

The lake passed by my eyes like an empty sheet waiting,
Upon which I must write the lines of verses about all I felt,
Never can I succumb to the suspicions of a transient world,
As in my mind’s eyes, I see the love-filled tears in her eyes.

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