The Curse Of The LonelyPoet.

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The Curse Of The LonelyPoet.

From the day I remember things in life,
Hazy but comforting a face in mind I saw,
For a glimpse of the real I waited,
But without a sight I outlived time.

When in life the smile of love I may see?
Don’t know the fate don’t know the secrets of the feeling,
All guesses and unfulfilled wishes.

Oh’ the winds changed its course,
Like bunches of fresh blossomed Jasmine,
In front of me you stood as the fulfillment,
Of fortunes, of blessings of heart,
You are the face of all blessings of mine, I said,
No darkness can fade your face from my mind,
The whole mankind may doubt and try
To change the course of my righteous love,
Otherwise mankind can’t be called likewise,
If they cast a doubt in my mind, I cursed,
The curse of loneliness will melt me,
In the flames of your conscience.

The course of time and crooked minds outplayed,
With my love for her in doubts of her sanctity,
And forever I lost her, the blessing of my life,
And forever I’ll live in my own curse.

©LonelyPoet-2006- From The Book Age Of Survival.

The Curse Of The LonelyPoet.
Part II.

From childhood days a dream I saw,
In there a little girl lived and spoke,
To me in the language of birds in sweetest voice,
Brighter than gold shined, the yellow dress she worn,
And she told me stories I always loved to hear,
And from those days every new moon day she appeared,
In my dreams and words of care in verse of love she whispered,
Every time she appeared told a story of a longing heart filled,
With hope, passions and sweetness of love,
And onto that heart her journey she traveled,
And every time she ended the dream she left,
A message that one day will come when real she will become.

Along with me into adolescent years she grew,
And her stories bettered through years,
Her prettiness she shown in her eyes,
Those that shined bright like two twinkling stars,
And for every new moon day for her and her stories I waited,
Never ever I had a companion as I waited,
For her to become real and be with me forever.

Oh’ but that day never came as stories in repetition she told,
And a message of wonderful words she always left,
And every time I asked she told
“O my dear, my dearest there will be a day that will come,
When faces no longer seen, magic no longer worked,
Wonders no longer believed, days no longer long,
Nights filled with stars and cold not fully felt,
And on that day real in front of you I will stand,
Be there; be sure to accept the truth,
For in the world of dreams, truth and false are same,
And in the world you live truth is all that matters.”

Years passed, four decades the dream consumed me,
Lands changed and in the land where Halloween celebrated,
And there came a night full of stars, faces not seen,
Nothing I remembered of the dream as innocent hearts,
For trick-or-treat came and to them all candies I gave,
When laying on the couch near midnight a knock I heard,
Casual, lazy old me walked to the door and opened,
In all yellow there she was, my dream girl in real, in front,
Jumped into my hands and upon my lips kissed again and again,
Then pushing me back she told,
“O my dear, my dearest, my days with you are over,
Remember that girl when asked to play with you, you ignored,
I am her curse upon you, in her sadness, in her mind she said,
Never will you have a companion as all will be a wonderful dream,
And all your good manly years along with you I lived you fool,
Now none will love you and none will be a companion,
And my job with you finished and I will be gone,
After fulfilling the promise I gave,
Go into the depths of loneliness and live,
As every hurt you leave will wield a curse,
And as for you, your curse came here this way,
The forty kisses for forty years of loneliness,
A hundred and forty more years of loneliness,
Upon this earth will come to you and you should live”

Then into the darkness she vanished,
Looking up at the sky I once more wondered,
Why were I born and why did I lived and why should I live,
Then to my own soul I said,
“Hundred and forty more years to live,
What a wonderful life that will be,
None to bother and nothing to be bothered about,
Now we know that its just us from here on”

While closing the door once more up on to the sky I looked
And saw two twinkling stars, like those wonderful eyes.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved-2008

The Curse Of The LonelyPoet.
Part III.

See through the light from my soul,
See the love in my soul that glows,
Darkness is nothing strange to the true lover,
Ah’ nothing on Earth stay as is forever.
I laid all the light in my soul for you to see,
See the love for you glow in me.

Maybe a thousand lines of verse about us I already wrote,
Wrote in soul, memories, in a thousand years to come can remember,
Oh’ you are the flower, who withstood the winter storm,
You are the star that shines without any mass inside,
But for me you chose to leave,
Leave only a silhouette of gladness.

The phantoms of past faceless danced,
And about you again and again I thought,
Dragged along with a life consumed,
With crooked fate and dark times,
Oh’ the shining of a blessing I once saw,
The shining of a lucky star in the soul of yours,
But why ye chose again to throw,
Me back into the mighty dark of past.

Kindness of you I will not take,
Anger of you with love I will subdue,
And the loving me you can never curse,
Into oblivion my love will go,
Only your love for me can rekindle in me smile and love,
Until that day every object on the face of this planet I curse,
Not to feel the love of mine.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM.All Rights Reserved-2011.

The Whistle Of Winds.

There is no written blog about this poem. Earlier today I posted a video blog about this on LonelyPoet.Org called Tilting Tuesday.

The noon time sun upon the roads blazed,
Mirages shown streams flowing ahead,
Oh’ a journey for fun once started,
Then became a passion in which thrived,
Now became a burden unwanted.

Silence deeper into soul penetrated,
Gone by days in memory like view master images stored,
Oh’ what a wonderful life it was for many others,
Still images fading colors, passed with every click of the clock,
Choices well made, fate betrayed, still the joker inside joked.

The masters of life drank from the streams ahead they saw,
Intoxicated they lived losing the sharpness of senses,
Oh’ from among those who lost and senseless spoke,
Who all convinced in the sorcery of evil as the light of life,
Ran far, far away though the mirages kept on hunting.

The movement stopped, nothing of life seen anymore,
The mirages so thick, fear of drowning in mind filled,
Oh’ then the silence from soul erased,
As the whistle of winds, ears, both in body and mind heard,
In it were a well composed tune that gave me your feeling of love.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM All Rights Reserved. 2010

Photo by Timothy Paul Smith on Unsplash

Smiling Sleeper.

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Creepy creatures of night screeched,
As moon like a half eaten cotton candy watched,
Deep into mind fear of night spoke,
But this uncaring lover only smiled.

Water from afternoon rain still rolled,
The pebbles through the narrow spring,
And the sleepless chameleon for a nighttime meal crawled.

Petal after petal from the bud split,
And the flower all around spread,
Scent from heavens came for lovers feel more loved.

Yet another night passing by,
As sleepless I watched,
And in deep thoughts how to make you happy spent,
Day and night in prayers that spoke words of your love,
Oh’ nothing are my efforts comparable to the love you give,
As I still can feel your love,
Even when with a smiling face you sleep.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. 2000 All Rights Reserved.

The Blessing Of A Lovely Morning.

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The whispers of the night,
Sighs and breath felt all over,
Skin upon skin, heart upon heart,
Merged into one, with passions firing from soul.

How wonderful it is to see you sleep,
As night through time step by step moved,
And dreams filled with you, I too slept,

The touch of lips upon mine erased the sleep,
And I saw the day waking behind you,
In sweetness spread from kisses you gave,
The morning ready to fly with wings all spread.

Like billions of doves flying all around,
Light danced and welcomed the day,
A day with promises born,
Yet, the first step to a lifetime ahead.

I saw no angels flying by,
I saw no glitters of blessings in the air,
The fantasies of love only heard and wrote,
Not stood as monuments for us to reckon.

All the wings of morning spread,
The Sun crawled up to heights and blazed,
House hold dust otherwise unseen now through creeping rays rose,
And through it all you walked with the morning glories in hand.

With the morning behind you and me in front of you,
In those eyes I saw the sparkles that left all in dark and dust,
Then I know who the angel truly is,
As the blessings glittered in your eyes that told,
How blessed I am in your love for me.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM All Rights Reserved. 2010.

Photo by Fa Barboza on Unsplash

The Abandoned.

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The walks facing the setting sun buries,
The pain of the day and sometime some pathos come,
As a tune or and a line or two in that tune I may sing,
On that day when to bury a pain I tried,
Sung these lines in a tune in my mind sprouted.

“You the one from view faded,
The one behind the veil of past hidden,
Oh’ glory of yours always will fill,
In the smile filled memories of those days.”.

Yeah, smile filled were those days,
Smiles given and taken in hopes and dreams,
And about those days only this I can say.

“Didn’t I waited for love,
Waited and waited and in waiting I waited,
Ah’ in through waiting birthed,
Dreams of all kinds with you.

Every dream ended with a new flower shown,
In images of your silhouette made,
A God given gift of beauty and charm,
Spreading into the depths of soul.

The full moon in dark you became,
Erasing every bit of darkness from my soul,
And in the moonlight birthed wishes,
Wishes by those moonlight kissed.

Every sense of mine filled,
With dancing scenes nature shown,
And the heart every sense filled,
With wishes seen in the light of your face.

The wishes grew green like the sprouts of spring,
And they waited for the rain to bring flowers,
But no blessing of rain came, no sign of daylight,
And for the wishes to flower no spring time given.”

When walking alone through well paved paths,
Empty hands inside pockets placed,
Searching for the reasons why wishes no spring time seen,
Once more from my mind rise my own song,

“You the one from view faded,
The one behind the veil of past hidden,
Oh’ glory of yours always will fill,
In the smile filled memories of those days.”.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. 2009 All Rights Reserved

Photo by averie woodard on Unsplash

A Glow In Mind.

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The world goes in speed unimaginable,
Light travels faster than anything material,
And into that material world born,
A day from the depths of darkness night spread.

Lights of all kinds from everywhere made day brighter,
The Earth moved faster than any machines mankind made,
And mankind needed or not moved faster than they can.

My clothes, something to eat and drink and myself I grabbed,
What I ate to end the nightly fast I know not,
When drinking tea I knew milk to bacteria fell pray overnight.

Driving through the high way as fast as one can,
And all wanted to reach where they should be an hour earlier,
Morning grew older as the angels of noon up from bed yawned.

The more the day spread more complicated life became,
Whining colleagues, daring deadlines and restless hours,
The disagreements, the agreements, disappointments, the triumph,
I smiled when success upon and all around me pried,
When success left me astray with answerless questions, I frowned.

Every second, a new flavor to the life of the day, added,
The adventure of racing back home in the evening,
Morning people were busy, now daytime made them insane.
Panicky all are to reach back home, once home all know,
It’s just the same old home, couch, T.V shows and dinner,

Panic gone and emptiness filled in mind and to the bed drags,
When closing eyes to the darkness filled room darker,
Oh’ mind glow with thoughts and images of you my dear,
And brightens every corner of soul with love,
In love, peace and to dream filled sleep.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. 2009 All Rights Reserved.

A Happy Man.

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A Happy Man.

The anger in loneliness I felt,
The sadness when unheard by the world I felt,
The frustration when ignored by world I felt,
Oh’ all by the view of one smile erased.

The silence that consumed all my words,
Many beautiful words went unheard,
Life flown away like tweeting bird,
Ah’ all given back when at my eyes you gazed.

Steps to a wonderful life gathered,
All around us as the songs of nature heard,
Brightness of day way beyond day lingered,
Ah’ as your face more than the full moon blazed.

Oh’ with your love my love you touched,
And my heart in the care of yours clutched,
Ah’ in my soul no more I feel untouched,
As from my heart doubts about love away you chased.

Ah’ the lover who slept deep in my soul woke,
And stories about dreams he saw he spoke,
All the dreams ended with the smiles you awoke,
Oh’ a happy man that left the world around amazed.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM All Rights Reserved 2010.

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From Broken Patterns

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From Broken Patterns.

The little games played around in the innocence years,
Oh’ how wonderful memories in the mind they lay,
Every bit of time in imaginations spent,
And every imagination like a bit inside a kaleidoscope.

Ah, those wonderful patterns those bits of no value made,
Through years that left innocence in growth of mind and body,
Still in the mind colors and shapes from those patterns came,
None ever repeated, everything left, leaving a beautiful impression.

Meanings defined, Oh’ they all meaningless remained,
Predictions made, Ah, they too became blabberings,
Of a mind in a bubbled up fantasy land,
That made the bits and patterns in time, valueless.

Then came a glow that united all those patterns,
In beauty and charm unknown to all senses,
That took the shape of a loving heart,
And became real in you.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM-All Rights Reserved -2008.

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To Cheer Up A Drowning Mind

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To Cheer Up A Drowning Mind.

Time in mind and all around grown old,
And wearing the worn out coat of winter left,
The new born daughter of time chased,
Everything living like a teenager confused.

As her colorful charm all around she spread,
A good thought old man time left, back to me came,
Ah’ made me feel same, like years back it did,
And the daughter to listen to my soul,
Through smiling flowers rested.

Then soul about the thought through thoughts spoke,
In through soliloquy then through thoughts again soul spoke,
Hours and hours in daytime let thoughts consume,
Many, many hours in sleep, through dreams whispered,
All in a nutshell from my soul meant.

Oh in your eyes forever twisted my mind maybe,
But in my thought a truth I trust,
That truth is love of a kind rejuvenated,
Everyday since the day we met,
In dreams with your hands held weaved.

Feelings of your own heart why not trust?
Feelings though far, far away and invisible,
To my soul and into my dreams you share.
Why not feel the truth than live a lie?

The listener got up and away she walked,
The same old story once more heartfelt she heard,
Bringing April rain for nature to dance,
To add more blooms to cheer up a drowning mind.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM All Rights Reserved. 2010

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The Tired Tempest

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The Tired Tempest

The silence of the summer noon broke,
As from the west, east, south and north came,
Wind dancing all around horizons and howling and roaring,
The sky tall trees he bend, the grounded dust he picked and showered,
Ah’ what naughtiness mother nature’s child the world taught.

Went up high and at each other the dark clouds he pushed,
Those sleepy clouds unknowing at each other punched,
Ah’ thunders broke out and lightning to the ground fell,
Hail from the clouds he picked and juggled, some to gravity fell prey,
In the end mother nature in anger roared as all in chaos scattered.

All around the horizon again he ran crying,
Ah’ his tears through clouds fell and the dusts settled,
Rivers and lakes swelled and happily flowed,
Crickets and birds sang songs in counter point,
Mother failed to catch her naughty child and in fear away he went.

Many years, many places, Ah’ many faces he saw,
Mother still worries as his face for long she haven’t seen,
The true face Oh’ not many seen as for many a nuisance he became,
Deep inside he is just trying to make all smile and laugh.
Misunderstood Oh’ all, away their faces turned.

Then there are those who in laughs followed,
In the dust he spread they bathed,
And the hail and rain they loved to see and hear,
And for them as much as he can, his wings he spread,
But a hidden smile Oh’ makes him sad.

Horizons his playground he made,
Deep oceans made him cool,
Wild forests along with him danced,
Flocks of birds along with him sang,
Still a smile away from him smiled, brought him down tired.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM.All Rights Reserved. 2010.

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