The Dark Hooded Scholar.

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Through the winter cold, the wind wandered,
The menace, the world shivering feared,
Wild geese sat on frozen lakes and slept,
The dried-out branch gave up life and fell.

Nothing inhuman in nature made him stop,
Under a dark hood, in white background, he walked,
The branch crushed under his feet, the geese looked,
The wind, ah’, breathless upon the weeping willow sat.

The blue jay scratched her beak on the bark,
And sang an old song seeking ears and eyes far away,
The hooded wanderer looked up and smiled,
And to the bird in a subdued voice, he spoke.

“A full moon will rise in warming spring to bring,
The doors of chaos and confusion to close,
Look around, ah’, all around you will find,
Fear from mind sprouting and slowly spread,
Through dark and light fear of an elephant.
In a closed out cave and everywhere you will feel,
That elephant but you knew not the elephant was there,
All through the times but no attention you gave,
As pretenders of love and lovers of obligations took,
All your mind and now alone you sit with nothing.
Be it the stars of luck or times magic run,
The philosophy of relationships you must revisit,
Let not the history of parting and pain repeat,
Be the one who spread love, not anxiety and fear.”.

The bird looked in curiosity and raised her head,
Lurking to another branch and started a new song,
About the scholar from past to present walked with love.

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Photo by Hassler Mendoza on Unsplash

The Chosen Words.

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The chosen words sounded eloquent,
When in mind uttered that looked,
For relief from the lonely carrier,
Ah,’ a web of disappointment she threw,
As even the air waited to see my smile.

And to mind, I said “I am not alone”,
Laughter crowned every thought of mine,
But tears filled my eyes, unknowingly.
The games mind overplayed became,
Scenes of a dream I never wanted to see,
Still, as I saw her in it, air in satisfaction whirled.
Oh’, light slowly left the dream in chaos,
And searched I for an elusive shadow,
Far away blinked stars to soothe my sight,
Reality lashed a thunderstorm in the dark,
As the feeling of her stepped far and far.

In sadness, through the dark, I walked,
And spoke out loud those chosen words,
“I am no dream, but a dream fulfillment you are,
No paths to that fulfillment I know but a guide you are,
A beacon that never loses light as love in purity shines bright”.

Through the dark, continues, my search for that beacon.

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Photo by Izabelle Acheson on Unsplash

The Wondering Spring.

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Nature commanded “The flowers must bloom”,
And she commanded the wind to warm,
Sun took a flight up north shattering dark clouds,
Ah’, they fell thundering down as life woke.

The forgetful chipmunks dug all over to find a nut,
The returned migrant gathered dried leaves and sticks,
Her mate flew all around to woo her to love,
Songs filled the air everyone heard clear and loud.

Sprouts came out, air warmed, birds danced and sang,
Ah’, everyone heard, everyone saw, through their windows,
Virus-scare kept the world inside and the season wondered,
Where did all the people go? Where are those naughty hands?

Nature stood stunned as the poetry she tried to recite,
Unheard and unfelt by the audience she expected, showed not,
The poet through the window with an eye filled watched,
As nature’s attempt to bring another poem went in vain.

Oh,’ the poem in his mind filled bound her soul,
Between the lines of the poem, nature failed to write.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2020.

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A Broken Cathedral.

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Walls with mosses filled stood up high,
As even the non-stop rain can’t cool inside,
Lights and candles and heating warmed,
Bodies of believers even when hearts frozen stayed.

Upon the walls scriptures and proverbs well written,
Golden old fonts made them mean more divine,
And when read out loud, ah’, mesmerized the hearts,
Some even thawed a little and welled those eyes.

On her knees, she stood and out her conscience stepped,
And to her, like a child asked, “What meanings you learn,
From all prayers and advice, when love unmatched God showed?
And away you walked in anger, lies and self betrayal?”

With closed eyes, she stayed and into mind’s eyes child stepped,
And spoke, “The purity of heavens can be touched in love,
Through the path divine showed us and deep in his words lives,
The sanctity of love you seek, the perfection of love you seek.”.

Bells rang and she opened her eyes and felt the old fonts falling,
The child still whispered “He learned to love perfectly from shine,
In your eyes he saw and no more shall you lie to me about that shine,
And verses in his heart sprouted with your face and smile.”.

When out to the world she walked nothing bound her heart,
All she felt was beating of his heart filled with love,
And life unfolding with every step she took,
Though far away from her, he felt the sprouting love in her.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2020.

Photo by Ashley Jane Grimmer on Unsplash

The Burned Out Chandelier

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Waves rolled their muscles and bragged,
To the bay about the love a heart weaved,
Hearing nothing in the thunderstorms the bay said,
“Speak in the metaphor I can understand.”.

And to the bay the waves rolling over and over whispered,
“Know the pain of a mother abandoning her a newborn?
And that orphan in hunger and pain but still grew stronger,
Faceless, nameless, through the crowd he wandered.

Deep in his heart that little flame of love always he felt,
The flame mother in nine months in him kindled,
Oh’, that flame lighted the candles in a chandelier,
Brightening every bit of life in purity and honesty.

The chandelier was the heart of a woman who brightened,
His eyes, his heart, and every feeling a man can live,
And to her, he said “I don’t want to corrupt my inner being,
Who loves you unconditionally.” And at no other face, he looked.

But the woman looked around as nothing she understands,
The crazy world fell apart and alone her mind wandered,
The world made her say “No” and a candle burned out,
And for every “No” she said other candles burned out.

Darkness entered the world and the world felt the pain,
Into that world entered, pandemic and corruption,
The orphan in his heart kept the flame as a smokeless flame.”.
The storm echoed the weeping of the bay all around.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2020.

Photo by Jonathan Francisca on Unsplash

A Mystery I No Longer Desire To Know.

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Pathos in different tones rain sang,
As life felt a dragnet of protection gone,
Heart absorbed sadness that roamed alone,
And my soul to him whispered a smile filled story.

Oh’, soul tell me how long we will weave and tell,
Stories that bring smiles in life all around,
And in that pleasantness ecstatically dance,
Dreams that felt real and unfulfilled fade.

Oh’, dreams, in prayers of apologies I drown,
For, unfulfilled like aborted babies you all lay,
Hungry, gasping for air, ah’, many of you die,
Leaving a curse upon me that isolates me more.

Meanings I sought in the seeds in her heart I sowed,
Oh’, love lost I fell and gathering all strength I stood,
Love, life all a mystery, clouded by eternal storms,
A vagabond I am who no longer desires to know.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2020.

Photo by Thomas Millot on Unsplash

The Warmth Of The Invisible Palms.

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Glory to you Almighty, who made me the son of my mom,
Whom you have chosen as the reason,
For me being me and the guide of mine,
Those chosen words of wisdom,
Those little punishments,
That made a heaven on earth,
When dreams were made about life ahead,
Those sunny summer days I remember,
Flying kites and playing seven tiles,
Those moments of bitterness,
Those silly frustrations,
And at the end of the day,
The warm pat from those palms,
Erasing bitterness and frustration,
In the greatness of Motherhood Perfected by my mom,
And in those warm palms I slept,
Weaving another dream about life ahead.
Those days are gone I thought,
Those sunny days some pages in my memoir,
Far away from those hands,
The bigger I became,
The bigger the frustrations with life,
Now when another day I kill away,
With frustrations that blinds,
When sun gives no light and warmth to the life freezing
When wind blows with furry,
That blows my dreams away like a flurry,
Into the warmth of those invisible palms I lie,
And a new dream for the ‘morrows I weave.

©LonelyPoet. From the Book Age Of Survival – Collection Of Poems By LonelyPoet -2006.

Escape The Deceptive World.

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The thin fog like a slow glider came,
Upon on the gravel road red with soil,
And dead leaves of the gone by fall,
Sleepy pines sighed at the naughty dance.

Sleep from the night before lingered,
As shadow from a bad dream roamed,
What mistreatment you felt my dear?
But in that prison awake you remained.

Oh’, did you see me walking through that fog,
On a path unknown away from you and life?
Every piece of music and sound reminded you,
About my smile and a little joke, I told you?

Barren lands of the east, deserts of the south,
Frozen tundra of the north, Ah’, all holds,
Deception of dark magic you and I can’t see,
And in sickness, our mind binds in hatred and aches.

The broken record of my life again played,
“Oh’, you are the love from birth till now I sought,
I am the love from birth till now in your depth you felt,”,
Let no deception of the material world break our hearts.

Power of minds in love, Oh’, dear, nothing can defeat,
Let the passions the world show you, not deceive you.
Let not the bounds of relations and obligations stop you,
Let us unite all in the bonds of love, of you, me, into us.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2020.

Photo by Heleno Kaizer on Unsplash

Ripples From Little Feet.

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Broken pieces of ice floated through the melting stream,
Springtime birthed in the laps of innocent mornings,
Aurora faded into the northern woods as the geese flew back,
The young girl from behind a merry-go-round watched.

In her little heart compassion filled with courage she felt,
The leaving winter cold, arriving spring mist she feared not,
All emotions in that little soul something unknown blended,
Bare little legs with love warmed into the flowing stream she dipped.

Those little ripples through the flowing stream they grew,
And through the plains and into the gulf and oceans they fell,
Love grew and ripples with passions flown through storms,
And through currents beyond those little eyes to another side flew.

Far, far away on the other side of the world, a man stood,
Who from childhood to youth a feeling in his mind he felt,
The definition he understood not but as years passed redefined,
Perspectives to purpose of a self that filled with love, undefined.

Near the Arabian sea, he stood as the waves trickled his legs,
Light rain fell, the winds with cold filled, and the ripples reached,
Touching his legs and through veins, to all of him feelings spread,
The day he learned, definitions of him far away from him grew.

Oceans and mountains, plains and towns, cities and beaches,
From riches to poverty, parties to ruins life he celebrated,
Every word he said, every action he performed for one search,
That trickling feeling he felt, source of that ripple that touched.

Many turns and twists life took and one day at her eyes he looked,
The youth filled lover a shy filled smile she gave and he felt,
That trickle that consumed the rest of his life in her good,
And the rest of his life for her happiness he dedicated.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2020.

Photo by Egor Vikhrev on Unsplash

The Cleansed Heart.

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Cleanse your thoughts from stereotypes of the world,
World polarized by evil hidden behind robes, hats, and turbans,
Fall not on knees to pray, Oh’, dear for the fashion of world,
For, the world away from truth and love malignantly fashioned.

Come to me, Oh’, dear, come to me for my heart I cleansed,
In purity of love cast from blood, sweat and passion filled tears,
Happiness is not a choice I made when about you I think,
For, in every living breath, I find a way to be happy for you.

Time for dreams and fulfillments, games and doubts are over,
The world in which we will make memories forever will stay,
Call it romance or the sizzling feelings of unknown wonders,
Happiness is in your smiles erasing pains and struggles.

Life I will spend to bring those sweet smiles of yours,
For my sight and the sight of the manipulated world to heal,
And hold you in my arms close to the loving heart of mine,
When that manipulated world’s unhappiness haunts you.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2020.

Photo by AndriyKo Podilnyk on Unsplash