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Twenty First Day Of August – 2019.

The gypsy sang a song in tunes heard not,
Nature danced to his tune as daybreak rolled,
Through the carpet of twilight from east,
To all around horizons bringing a new day of blessings.

As the time of the day found a new way to stretch,
Beyond the phantoms hiding in spaces unknown,
Oh’, mankind knows nothing about spaces in hearts,
Where the naughtiness of time cannot enter and age.

Noon passed into oblivion and the faded summer warmth,
Pressed hard to make a point about seasons,
I felt a silhouette of her holding my face in her arms,
Then I knew dreams entered my sleep in silence.

“Oh’, dream not about questions that were not asked yet”,
I said out loud when I woke up from my snoring nap,
Evening set the horizons for the end of the day drills,
Ah’, in every bit of Sky and Earth I saw, the face of love.

And that face became real when into your eyes I looked.

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Story Of The Day.

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Twentieth Day Of August – 2019.

Gratitude, I wondered what it will do,
Through many paths I traveled and gained,
Knowledge of many kinds and met many people,
The good and bad, Oh’, how hard to balance.

In everything comes a point where I thanked,
God, the reasons God gave me to feel good,
And many times taking me away from danger,
Though to the world a disappointed man I become.

In younger days when through the rain I walked,
Then in youth when through the blazing sun I ran,
In my middle ages when with broken heart tired I stood,
Raised my head and thanked God and the reasons he gave.

In every moment between emotions a balance I searched,
Moments pass, heart in dark beat, logic empty remains,
Light comes when love fills and refills my veins,
Oh’, you are the reason I thank God on this day, Little Boss.

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Photo by Naitian Wang on Unsplash

The Eye Of The Storm.

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Little by little vapors from land and sea gathered,
Currents from under the sea soared with cold,
The air warmed from above in the summer sun,
The wonder of the universe revolved to see another storm.

East to west, north to south, wind like a stalker moved,
Gathered all he can and packed a punch to hit land,
The more he gathered, more prettier the storm became,
And in the middle formed the calm, the eye of the storm.

Creations of God in prayers ran, shelters filled, houses blown,
With twisting arms the storm hit hard, trees fell, seas swelled,
Miracles happened, lives saved, heroes birthed, still, many died,
Then came the eye of the storm, calm peaceful, pleasant.

Prayers answered, arms fell and the storm withered,
Houses, roads and bridges rebuilt and people celebrated,
The unity of humanity, peace and pleasantness returned,
As if the eye of the storm was left for the love of all.

Oh’, my love, the sweetness of my heart, I plead to read,
Even in an image when at your eyes I look my senses unite,
Every emotions from scattered ruins rebuild my love and fill,
With peace and pleasantness like that eye of the storm.

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Faith Of The Silent Lover.

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Why are you forcing to forget the paths,
We both in love for each other must pass,
Even before we have known such paths.
When we should have walked, ah’, we are sailing.

Oh’, sailing in unknown seas with broken masts,
The waves breaking in the falling lightning bolts,
The flooding docks, Oh’, wash away journey maps,
And in your hand, ah’, I see the turning rosary beads.

God will not help the forceful ignorant who discards,
With material excuses that leaves the love filled, helpless,
For, in the love God gave us we must learn to worship him,
Or the rosary will shatter into more pieces than the heart you broke.

Oh,’ sweetness, sweet is the faith of every living,
Fall not as a victim of the masquerading devilish thoughts,
For God never sits in the altars or domes of the worshiping palaces,
God may give a feeling of himself in the touch of love we may share.

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Ninth Day Of August – 2019.

The northern wind found a way around the summer heat,
Oh’, the season of fall blown her horns shivering leaves,
The wave of cool came but summer in stubbornness protested,
All these gave mind reasons to think inward while looking outward.

Where is the new path O’, morning where will you find light,
The coming day feel like a strange time away from which I stand,
The shattered dream into the dark of the night faded,
And the day bloomed beyond imagination into a new reality.

The golden rays of the evening sun caressed by cheeks,
And woke me to learn how dreadful a dreamless sleep can be,
Night sat all around me to listen to the stories in my soliloquy,
Oh’, night, only tragedies fills my mind with you this time.

As loveless sadness wiped my inner tears,
I saw the darkest part of night in the east stabbed,
And breaking through was a ray of light that made me think,
Is that the ray of hope, of love, of dreams to be weaved in smiles.

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The Pulse Of Happiness.

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The river flowed from the mountains and came down,
As if heaven were above the mountains where angels pray,
Oh’, darkness of nights took a deep dent around the river,
Where when looked gives the faithful a feeling of hope.

Trees touched the horizons and in winds waved,
At the clouds that let the morning twilight to linger,
Who all wiped their tears in the happiness of the daybreak,
Or in the fading beauty of the departing twilights I know not.

Through the narrow ways with the dancing winds trekked,
And heartbeat with the falling footsteps synched,
As into every heartbeat the rhythm of life shaped,
A ray of light originated from the depth of soul.

In that ray held hopes and hopes on hopes,
From the past to the present that stretch to future,
Hopes little by little accumulated with thoughts about her,
Who gave reasons for time and space to bend and bring,

The forgotten pulse of my youth and the pulse unheard,
And the future pulse together we will hear in echoes,
Filled with life of ours and from us will sprout,
Oh’, bring to this time and space a pulse of happiness.

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Seventh Day Of August – 2019.

Grow in the dark O’ Dream grow,
For the night and the dark is,
Far greater than the day and light,
When angels and fairies raise in prayers.

In the depths of the dark of night shines,
Millions of suns, though far away they are,
Oh’, through them ray by ray twinkling comes,
The shape and essence of every dream.

The morning dragged mind into reality,
Ah’, no matter how brutal life becomes,
In the fantastic turn through time and space,
The dream driven reality intoxicates the soul.

Through the good of love in soul,
Love through experience divine taught,
Love when into the eyes of mother first looked felt,
Love inside soul weaved and always fought.

Love in through the growth of every cell of mine grew,
Oh’, the union of my mind, soul and body defined,
Every creation of this time and space, Oh’, refined,
My love for her who fills my soul, my LIttle Boss.

Afternoon woke me from the boredom of noon,
And through thoughts about long gone past I searched,
And in each of those thoughts and memories I placed,
The love that shapes the beat of my heart, Little Boss.

Oh’, those rediscovered memories brightened and redefined,
And every bit of those wonderful memories taught,
How step by step through good and rough times life led,
Me to love and in fulfillment of my love, Little Boss.

The creepy approach of the night I didn’t feel,
As senses brightened from thoughts about her,
Oh’, as sleep approached through night I know,
Senses are uniting for another weaving of a dream.

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Photo by Dmitry Yakovlev on Unsplash

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Sixth Day Of August – 2019.

Sifting through the times of the last phase of the night,
The twists and tests of this portion of space I braved,
Then I asked, “How far away from reality are you Little Boss?
How much more time you need to evaluate your love.”.

Paused I and thought, then without confusion I continued,
“Ah’, knowing my love for you LIttle Boss from the depths,
Of my heart and soul you read line by line and feel everyday,
Why so cruel to the reality in the depth of your soul you hide?”.

The morning with the glory of the sun oneself crowned,
And the time of her concluded when the chariots of the sun,
Rolled and reached that point of the space of the day,
Where the chasing shadows silently disappeared.

Then to the day I told “Love is complete,
And no more shadows will fall upon love and lovers,
When love by divine sweetness in dream fulfillment blessed.”,
Eyes closed, listening to my own heartbeats I sat.

Keeping hands on my eyes, ah’, twilight I made,
Though night like the cold of winter through time spread,
And hand ached but upon my eyes I kept them.
Twilight and darkness slowly left my eyesight.

As Little Boss’s face slowly faded into my eyes.

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Photo by Houcine Ncib on Unsplash

Story Of The Day.

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Fifth Day Of August – 2019.

Life howled like a stray dog in the warm summer morn,
As love filled sleep left me astray to the wrath,
Of elements of the brutality of loneliness given,
By a soul who saw me as too old for her to love.

Grabbed I the noon time by the throat to speak my mind,
About my love and none, even my own conscience can question,
My acts, my words and my sincere thoughts filled with Little Boss,
And pleaded “Question not your love for me, Little Boss.”.

Noon faded into the evening and evening brightened in twilight,
In every ray of that twilight found I the light of your love,
Then night consumed twilight and darkness spread,
Ah’ then fate written stars and planets brightened the night.

Far away from reality the fate of my love life pathetically howled,
Oh’, when fate of most lives were written in lucky planets and stars,
And in hearts and souls thrived and through senses and emotions expressed,
Fate of my love life, ah’, looks like was written on a shooting star.

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Story Of The Day.

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Third Day Of August – 2019.

The validity of a dream cannot be found,
In the fantasy world or the spiritual world,
The fulfillment of every dream manifest,
Through the material you, living, time and space.

Such were the soliloquy that took me to bed,
And morning and noon sang lullabies and passed,
As dreamless I slept but no darkness into mind crept.
Oh’, love and dreams exists in two different realms of life.

Woke up I with an image in mind and into the realms of life injected,
That image, Oh’, Little Boss, not a moment of my life I will spend,
Without an image of you in spiritual life and my material life.
For in spirit and material I fill my life with my love for you.

Wake up Little Boss, wake up to love, wake your love,
Hide not behind the walls of masquerading material life,
For, you know the pulse of your spiritual life filled with love,
Love from every direction and horizons showing only my face.

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