Five Little Pigs

The first little pig loved himself,

The second little pig loved the first one,

The third little pig loved no one,

The fourth little pig loved to be afraid,

The fifth little pig loved everyone.

All of them united to be just me.

Photo Courtesy — Right Hand Of The LonelyPoet.

To My Anger

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To My Anger.

Have I not given you space and time?
Thoughtless mind and warmth of blood and flesh?
Have I not given you uncaring words?
Fearless heart and countless energy to grow?

Didn’t you grew old with me as my naughty self?
And threw all away who gave a tasteless smirk?
Neither you nor I won any battles we fought,
Against material shadows with no image.

Those battles in rage and arrogance we won.
But life we lost beyond any hopes of recovery,
Oh’ curses of new kinds you taught as a dance,
And buried I many who questioned in rage filled dance.

And we lost nothing we thought and in celebrations lived,
And kept my head high among all we walked,
But in a micro, microscopic planet lost,
All screams and shouts in the darker paths we lost.

Ah’ an unreachable Island in loneliness I became,
Where none else will venture to discover a loving heart,
The silence all around loomed falling in love with darkness,
But tit-bits of reality like pebbles on shores gathered and prayed.

Oh’ as sanctified some parts of conscience remained,
The power of prayers spread light-years in peace.
Brought the light through life, time and space sought,
The light of love Ah’ deep in soul filled.

So my anger I leave you in your machinations,
And your evil ways and dark shadows forever,
As into the ocean of love the first step I take,
As that light I saw in her eyes shined bright.

When I made her smile with my peace.

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Photo by Liliia Beda on Unsplash



A Repenting Lover.



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A Repenting Lover.

In a night with storms that swayed,
Even stars that are far away,
Lightning in rhythms of thunders danced,
And all around the silent lands crashed.

You took hands of night and danced,
And spread the dark all around,
You made pain from every step you laid,
And into a soul whispered, loveless sonnets.

Ah’ why through those paths you ventured,
Why washed away the graffiti that symbolized,
What in the depths of heart felt, and conveyed?
And through a prism looked into dark skies for love?

Owls and bats at the first light back to their nests went,
There is nothing to express pain filled expressions to,
Rain washed away dirt from material existence,
The new born sun dried wet lands faster in kindness.

A thousand times to forgive you I prayed,
And any wrong thoughts from your heart faded away,
In laughs that echoed through the plains I walked,
Then ran as fast as I could from oneself to escape,
As none can shed a tear in forgiveness of my unaccepted love.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM All Rights Reserved 2010.

Photo by Hector Gomez on Unsplash

She – Fourteen



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She – Fourteen.

From the sky like pearls fell,
With the softness of a dove touched,
The cold of the fall rain never felt,
Eyes wide open kept still to see,
Once more dreams leaving unfulfilled,
Along the rain as tears they drowned and rolled.

Fading colors of mother nature wept,
Oh’ they too may have lost a dream or two.
Never got counted among the smiling fortunate,
As years passed by laughed aloud and screamed,
At the unfortunate lover mockingly, ‘Much Older’.

Fantastic events and fascinating people crowded,
Life in every possible way brought cheer and joy,
The more polished the glass, the thinner it became,
As life graduated in misunderstandings and mockery,
And every event and fascinating people cared not,
When the dearest one said ‘Much Older’, and the glass broke.

In the fallen dreams, drowned tears and mistaken ways,
Somewhere still a silhouette of romance remained,
As the spark once seen in her eyes, in his soul, kept alive.
Oh’ how wonderful were the dreams seen?
How wonderful were the happiness felt?

A page to turn, a chapter to close and book to finish,
Ah’ material reality know not about the spiritual romantic,
As the page turned to a blank sheet and a new chapter to begin,
The book is the soul of her the darling who grew,
Inside the lover’s soul and with her love will make.
An ageless lover whom the life and world stamped,
As ‘Much Older’ but grew young every time his soul she read.

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Photo by Courtney Clayton on Unsplash

She – Thirteen.



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She – Thirteen.

A dreamless night I spent,
With a twitch deep in my soul you left,
O narrow is not the mind of mine,
Not to return what painted with your love, you gave.

Tried to be a singer but no music I can write,
To be a painter I tried, but no colors can be seen,
In the light from your eyes came.
Tried to be a hunter of treasures unknown,
To give you every care from childhood I learned,
Oh no treasure I found upon which my love I can bind.

Oh’ to mother nature I looked and whitest clouds she gathered,
Into it bound the whispers of all my care she merged,
And took it to the place you lived and showered,
Ah’ the umbrella of misunderstandings kept you dry.

The sky is clear but we are far,
Sad thoughts eclipse minds from sights so near,
But deeper in mind still the twitch you left I feel,
Oh’ from mind so fragile but agile still I search,
What to give you, which, with my love I can paint.

As nothing I have for anyone to love,
No colors seen in what for you I painted.
No stars in the day anyone can see,
But fill your mind leaving darkness behind,
Stars birthed in the love of mine to you.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. 2009 All Rights Reserved

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash



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Clouds like dragons float around firing,
Venomous fire at each other sparking,
And falling on to Earth, as summer danced in,
In this season when spring left with promises unfulfilled.

The lush greenery spring time left bore no flowers,
And days like magical serpents into the depths of nights grew,
Still all across the horizon I see not,
No star with the glow from your eyes, born,
No wind in the rhythm of your heart singing, blown,
Ah’ still at the wonders of the world I look and wonder,
Why without a dream for me to see you left,
A thousand reasons you can tell,
A hundred different ways to walk,
Away from me into the world in rainbows bound.

Unrealistic all definitions are,
In every definition in the wonderful mind of yours,
And to the world around you, me and everyone else,
Why not walk on one of the rainbows into my heart pierce?
Didn’t you named the glow in your heart once after me?
Oh’ will you ever be able to turn off, the light you and I are?

Wipe away the mirages,
Whip away the whining distractions,
Who all with friendly smiles shadows,
But will leave you to melancholy and pain in dark.

O’ Summer sun come from above the darker clouds,
And with those gentle palms of light caress,
The face in brightness only seen by her,
Shine bright through moon at night,
To show her dreams filled with love of mine.

O’ my dear, there are no more definitions for my love,
As all my love was molded and made for your soul,
As in your thoughts even nature around me dissolves in me,
Why not make the unreal real and bless the love of ours?

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. 2009 All Rights Reserved.

Photo by Ryan Jacobson on Unsplash

She Twelve.



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She – Twelve.

The imprint of smiles upon my mind you left,
To them I seek solace oh’ dear I seek,
That flowing hair, I wish to touch,
Those wonderful eyes my eyes seek,
Those smiling lips my lips crave,
And the imprints to me sung tunes,
That kept your face an ever living image.
Days lived around me as the living meaning,
Of the reality of you so close yet light-years away,
Memories wrote pages of imaginations of you,
In mind as soul to receive the soul of yours craved,
And to them can I sing an anthem of love?

Spread through your smile, love, electrifying,
As gentle and gentle those eyes blinked,
The charm of kindness every vein absorbed,
No better ornament God can give Earth for her patience.

The western breeze through your hair moved in and out,
Great words and stereotyped love you don’t deserve,
As the essence of divinity one should learn,
To weave the web of love, with glow from souls as strands.

Though imperfect in the world around you I maybe,
The gladness you leave every time your soul you show,
Binds together all the fallen pieces of life,
You are that perfection erasing every imperfection,
In the world you are and in the mind of mine.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved -2018.

Photo by Pâmela Lima on Unsplash

She – Eleven.



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She – Eleven.

The sunlight shined with the love for you I felt,
The wind sang a new tune dancing with my love for you,
A new step, a new rhythm and a new line of verse birthed,
In the love of mine that wrapped the nature around you.

Happiness woke only when I think about you,
Then every moment a joy filled dance,
Ah’ happiness upon my heart danced,
With your image the only love I know.

Reality the monster will try to tell a different story,
And to that story even reality knows no end,
For if any wrong and wrong of wrongs forgiveness I seek,
Any wrong from you Ah’ your love for me will erase..

The image of you ah’ eyes with love filled,
A thousand misfortunes about how misfit I am I can say,
For that love, that filled every moment of you,
I can only wish I were the love you only loved.

At wishes and dreams, reality mockingly laughs,
That unending story oh’ let that monster write,
Love me and write the epilogue no reality can write,
As the reality of my love always will be you.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved-2013.

Photo by Ilya Pavlov on Unsplash 
There should be a little more about this picture than just a link credit. She is the wife of the photographer Ilya Pavlov from Kiyv City, Kiyv, Ukraine. The photo is rightfully named “My Lovely Wife”. She is indeed a very lovely woman.

The Girlfriend

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The silence took a life on its own at dawn,
Dragging through the man-made pollutants came,
Rays of light many as new hope seen,
But for most just another day, a step into future.

So one would think life prettified in every moment,
The brutality of it none ever ventured to learn,
Such was the life of a man in my past I knew,
Who lived life neither touching the brutality nor being touched by it.

Into that dawn from all love filled and nitty witty dreams he woke,
Leaving flying kisses to a beauty that reflected her beauty in his smile,
Telling her to wake up in versified words just for her he wrote,
“Wake up dear to feel more love of mine in the conscious world.”.

Then to her about the day ahead he spoke,
About the morning meetings and lunch with the contractors,
And the meeting late afternoon with the banker for mortgage,
“Will be back early honey and I will cook some food you love.”.

The morning chores and the breakfast fast ate,
During those running around aloud he sang,
“Darling of darlings who as an image in mind sprouted,
You my dear, in time became dearest than life.”.

Life in him filled thoughts about how to make her happy,
Life for him filled with talks to her and talking about her,
Daytime, work-time, Ah’ back in his mind about her he thought,
And when all that burden freed in those little moments he weaved.

Weaved dreams that filled the happy thoughts of life,
Where they both championed each other’s hearts and erased,
Unhappiness of the raw and bare life people failed to live,
Ah’ then back to reality that gave him another reason, a new lesson.

The day passed by and late evening danced to the arrival of night,
Twilight surrounded him who only found the beauty of her,
In every bit of living life, accessories and unknown life,
Anything in his mind without her image, no sense can complete.

The night arrived and enacted a dark episode with patches,
Of stars and moon, Oh’ they too filled in him her beauty.
Then the lucky angels filled his heart with dreams to see,
When sleep slowly caressed his aging cheeks.

About an early morning meeting to her he spoke,
And his side bed lamp he turned off and time stood,
To feel once more the lover who fell deep into sleep,
The other side bed lamp remained on with that side of bed,

Oh’ empty remained as the lover fell deeper and deeper into dreams.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2018.

Many days, many months waited for her in front of hot tea, Many faces I saw at none I looked, as she defined the love in me.
Photo by Jon Ly on Unsplash

The Howling Wolves

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The howl of a wolf from far I heard,
The cunning darkness those howls break,
From them in fear I always ran,
A fear that grown thin every day.

Upon our own kindness we step,
And as if unknown away we walk,
Emotions are by products of senses,
And to express them Oh’ we forgot.

Another kind of emotions we have,
Far beyond any sense can comprehend,
Oh’ my love for you fades,
In those emotions none can ever understand.

When mind in earthly atmosphere suffocates,
The flames of fire of unknown origin consume,
What left of a heart that still beats,
Beats in rhyme with your heart.

Curse those who made these cages,unseen,
Curse those who fabricated binding rules,
Curse those who drawn unseen lines,
Curse those who can never stop this bleeding.

The howl of many wolves from near I hear,
They are growing in numbers every day,
They will find me and eat me one day,
Oh’ they will kill and eat in thankfulness,
Than those who in fake love consumes a lifetime.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2015.

The picture was edited from its original as the original is taken from an awkward angle.
Photo by Perchek Industrie on Unsplash