To The Only One I Can Ever Love.

There are times when all one can do is sit in a corner and let life unfold. As for me I write and write and write again. The following poem was brought back because this poem makes one better than any action I can do, anything I can write and everything I can speak.

To The Only One I Can Ever Love.

The winding roads to a higher place took,
The air grew thinner and thinner the higher I went,
As sorrow deepened with every moment of your silence,
My own conscience I betrayed,
As my hopes in hunger for love died,
Only sadness along with me came,
And thoughts about you first as a hunting,
Then as a pleasure, Then as an addiction,
Then a necessity to survive,
The air thinner and thinner grew,
And there were no more heights for me to climb.

Beneath my foot I felt,
The touch of the might of the mountain,
The flirting winds way below in jealousy howled,
The thundering clouds in defeat beneath me rained.
“Love is not a necessity for life”, aloud I said,
Oh’ stronger will become love when unattained,
When parted stronger will feel,
The pain of the living,
The blessing of the dead,
Oh’ you may be at a height unattainable,
Or at a depth unknown,
Ah’ even when skies beneath my foot I crush,
Somewhere in the horizons echoed,
Your words of love for me in your soul whispered.

Oh’ the soul of mine with hopes and wishes filled,
Even when the world around us in chaos drowned,
Temptations of good and evil all around us flown,
And to some we fell pray and failed,
To understand that life is not a beast one can tame,
In acts of brutality or romance of hearts,
Life is not a meal in sweetness one can eat or in sourness spit,
Life is not a journey where one fly, walk, swim or crawl,
Life of an individual is a flaw, In the perfect flow of time,
But even in our failures and success,
Anger, disappointments and sadness we learned,
How beautiful that God given flaw in meaningful ways define,
The love and respect of each other we have,
Which made a million flowers bloom as smiles,
On faces of those who read this and understand,
No matter what material heights you and I can climb,
No matter what disappointments, anger and sadness you can give,
You are the only one my darling, I can ever love.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM-All Rights Reserved-2012.

Photo by Christoffer Engström on Unsplash


A New Poem.

Some people are very good at romance. Some people are really pathetic at romancing. The problem with extremes of both is .. it is very boring. Now this problem can come from many aspects.. Sometime even the best of the best can crumble in front of a potential partner(Male or female) because of circumstances. One example, I met this girl a while back and the very first time I saw her I felt attracted to her. The issue is the elusiveness of life took her away. Now I see her everyday still there is that elusive part where I cannot talk to her, she is not free, when she is free I am not free. Every bit of reasons comes and takes us away from each other. This is in many ways interesting and challenging. But there are times it becomes utterly boring. Earlier today when the temperatures with windchill felt like about -9F I took a walk to see her and talk to her. Hmmm nope, missed her totally. I came home and tried many distractions (Good, bad and dirty) naaa nothing working… then I opened this poem.. The first stanza was written a while back and I finished it.. Though a bit lame, Opposite thinking worked.


Walk through the beach hand in hand
Fill the air with scent of romance
Ah’ promises to own conscience unkept
As the waves erased our footprints
And summer winds fell to the autumn cold
A dream I weaved within the waves that came
And my message of love will walk over the waves
And will bring a smile of warmth upon your face
When your own heart will whisper my verse of love
Into the depths of your soul from where sprouted,
Unknown meanings of a new romantic feeling.

Oh’ between the written unknowns I searched,
But the romance from you soul sprouted,
Carried the love of days gone,
The magic in your eyes seen
And galloping of tomorrow’s waves.
And deeper and deeper into my soul pierced,
The inevitable defeat of every defence of mine,
I loved not as good as you did and now in your soul I am lost.

In the beautiful feelings of a timeless romance I fell asleep,
Where I saw no dreams, my breaths woke me to a realization,
Ah’ every dream I ever weaved, carried,
A bit of my love only meant for a soul where I am lost,
The soul through the eyes of yours I see,
Ah’ an ocean filled with waves that came and took,
Bit by bit the sand shore where I defined my love for you.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM-All Rights Reserved-2018.

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash


Inspiring Sounds

Here are some inspiring sounds
I put the train sound to the full and the rain sound to half.. Just put in the head phone and close your eyes.
Enjoy the journey

Train Sound

Rain Sound

I’ve Seen That Movie Too

Just came up with these words after listening this song.

The morning shook off the nightly sweat and ran around to spread the light… The universe is a fantastic phenomenon we will never understand, Yet through love we share our desires and find solace, And mask the souls with layers and layers of lies….Ah’ this day achievement means… yet another lie…

I’ve Seen That Movie Too

Music: Elton John
Lyrics: Bernie Taupin

I can see by your eyes you must be lying
When you think I don’t have a clue
Baby you’re crazy
If you think that you can fool me
Because I’ve seen that movie too

The one where the players are acting surprised
Saying love’s just a four letter word
Between forcing smiles, with the knives in their eyes
Well their actions become so absurd


So keep your auditions for somebody
Who hasn’t got so much to lose
‘Cause you can tell by the lines I’m reciting
That I’ve seen that movie too

(repeat chorus)

It’s a habit I have, I don’t get pushed around
Stop twinkling your star like you do
I’m not the blue print for all of your B films
Because I’ve seen that movie too

The one where the players are acting surprised
Saying love’s just a four letter word
Between forcing smiles, with the knives in their eyes
Oh their actions become so absurd

Available on the album Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

© 1973 Dick James Music Limited

A New Passion

Hi All,
Yeah I am in and out of here .. but I still love the good old Xanga. This whole new format is weird.. Gotta get used to it.

Here is my new passion 360 Degree Videos and Pictures.

Here are some of the videos I took

Andy Grammer at Miller Park Video 1 these two videos are not of the best quality as I was only at the baby steps with BublCam

Andy Grammer at Miller Park Video 2

Now I wanted to take a good video of my backyard and it was okay the new settings were not saved like I thought

And of course the inside of my house. This is the living and dining area with a walk through my small kitchen.

Simple life isn’t it? Aha.. it is anything but simple behind that smile. Here is the latest poem from my Facebook

Someone in the Academy Of American poets once said…One should not explain a poem.. I called that person very bad names and left the Academy forum for good. I told the then admin.. I am a poet and I don’t need any academy to approve that. If you don’t read my poem with my explanations then the next generation will.
Here is the explanation of my poem..

I am a person who never leaves a friend. There are people who were friendly to me and then they became rivals but I never leave that person whom I call a friend. That person will always be someone I care about. In thoughts, prayers and in deeds, I will always be there for them.
I lost a friend because she didn’t like something I said. But she never lost me, and just today I thought I will check how she is doing and went to her facebook and saw this…
“Nicoderm CQ exists for people who want to quit smoking. What do they have for people who want to quit chocolate?”

I said to myself Probably Chocoderm byq
Then I thought I should have never gone there.. but I did because of the following reason.

Twilight Of The Rising Sun.

Wandering through the timelines of our life, Ah’ I wonder,
What wonderful creations of God you and I are,
Wiping away sweat, for each other we cared,
Wiping away tears of joy, ah’ each other we loved.

All the combinations of care and love we championed,
And then fought we, like street dogs and each other we left,
Leaving only salty sad tears forever in our eyes.
But we held, we became the champions of our own hearts.

And when the timelines of future we face every day,
Have we forgotten that one day we must champion,
Each other’s heart than heart of our own, leaving,
Soul in perpetual loneliness none can connect to?

Dreams are good, dreams are great, and we must see they are fulfilled,
Oh love will outlive every dream outside of romance we will ever see,
As in every possible way I tried to turn my heart away from you and failed,
Ah’ the rising sun’s twilight will bring to you a smile filled with my love.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved-2016.

Instead of a picture I am leaving you a song … listen to the lyrics.

Have a sweet day!! I miss the good old days of Xanga. Love you all.


It is not the sanity of the world,
Or my own sanity that makes me happy,
It is my insanity that makes me happy.