The Fairy Tale Writer.

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Times have changed so did viewpoints of minds,
Tales of the fancy of minds, ah’, fairies told,
And dreams woke even in the brightness of days,
Such dreams a poet translated into verse.

The wilderness of the world as a canvas he took,
His own romance into lives around he blended,
And from one of those lives a dream he heard,
And into that “bright smile” verses he wrote.

“Loveliness through the cityscape spread,
Love in the heart of the man from soul sprouted,
Touching every dream from her childhood she saw,
He became the charming prince upon a unicorn came.

The unicorn from the mountain flew through the morning dew,
And the prince took the rainbow and fired his arrows of love,
The dreams fulfilled and in front of her, reading her soul he stood,
Writing another dream, filled with love from her heart he stole.”.

What love he wrote, ah’, not any ordinary smile in his mind he saw,
The embedded smiles of a lover who yearned his love with love,
He felt and that to a dream led and that dream into life he wrote,
Oh’, poet became poetry and better poetry from there he wrote.

Reality proclaimed as fantasy and fantasy fabricated reality,
Ah’, such life when wrote became the fantastic fairy tale,
The beginning the poet in love-filled ways of two hearts he wrote,
A fairy tale in time two lovers through realities of life will conclude.

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The Valley Of Sadness.

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A thousand dreams one after the other sprouted,
In a valley, none till this day ever ventured,
The winds turned and jumped in ecstatic dance,
In that rhythm, trees let their branches dance along.

Hearts in dreams united and songs of love they wrote,
Love touched every corner of the valley and scents spread,
And reached into the world beyond sights and sounds,
Oh’, there love reached a twisted limelight for you and me.

One by one dream failed and with leaves of fall fell,
Changes stopped and beneath the barks of trees hid,
The songs hearts wrote, ah’, no birds ever sang,
Darkness between the clouds birthed and with cold crept.

Oh’, darkness and cold through the winds sang,
Pathos of our lost love unsympathetically to an unknown world lost,
Even when the sun shined up east and to west swam all bright,
Sadness loomed in the valley where under the frost our love wept.

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A Day Of Fear.

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The phantoms of fall into the cold faded,
The Cardinal silently puffed up and watched,
Fog like a smoke spitting dragon danced,
As drum-beats and horns of winter strengthened.

The fallen flurries gave relief to the fallen leaves,
The gathering clouds instilled in the hearts fear,
Coats and hats made humans look more decent,
But every lip shivered in thoughts of the winter.

Night wiped away the clouds with scattering winds,
Stars stayed far giving beauty to eyes when inside out burning,
Lovers hugged each other and kissed with eyes closed,
Lovers who failed to earn love walked away with made-up smiles.

Watching all these I walked, I smiled, I wept and through it all, I lived,
The awoken day gathered the clouds and back into hearts brought,
Darkness, filled with mythical mysteries of lost love and lonely days,
Ah’, where are you my “Strength” the “Exalted One” my only love?

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Little she knew that her heart can sway,
The love in a heart little by little sprouted,
As every moment of good, bad and hurting defined,
By every thought, word she spoke, and move she made.

Through the valley of her time in youthful charms, she ran,
What fell, what earned, what embraced, Oh’, she didn’t care,
Loveliness of the dark woods through which she passed defined,
Ah’, dreams took a dark page from those memories of her past.

Always to a happy moment way back in her past she chased,
Oh’, in looks, ways, and speech she kept that little girl in the eyes,
Of a world that aged beyond her views and charms of life,
From that world came the man of her life and she rejected.

Love of a girl may sway with the worldly chaos and views,
But her man stood smiling even when his unloved heart ached,
Drown he will not in the temptations of the exotic world,
Love he will not another soul other than the soul he loved.

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The Strong Man.

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Flames upon the hills grew large right before Sun rose,
Ah’, morning twilight set every dying leaf on fire one last time,
And light crept in, melting frost, Oh’, peace in mind wrote a dream,
Where colors of fall like ballerinas danced, praising your love for me.

Trees stood still waiting for winds to make them dance and chant,
Nightly insects rested for a day-long sleep away from light,
Man-made roads, Oh’, paths of dark, that led to man-made realms,
Light sparkled dust on road that glittered in praise of your love for me.

Drying leaves held melting dew and let it fall like a ritualistic offering,
Cold through the air filled, Sun his attention to southern lands focused, Up north gearing up with storms and freeze is a wrath-filled winter,
And the fallen dew prayed for your love for me lasting to eternity.

The living and unliving united in their praises and prayers,
Love inside of us bloomed like the springs of a millennium,
Drowned is the pain, the sorrow-filled nights, melting days,
Softness stormed my soul in love for you that made me a strong man.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

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The Birth Of My Love.

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Stronger and stronger passions in me grew,
As time counted age and age discarded time,
From life that fell like the falling leaves of fall,
The man outgrown strength of passions pursued.

The battle for love Oh’, light from soul eroded,
But in every new day from darkness, I woke,
To fabricate into my soul a ray of hope,
Ah’, seasons stitched years into a fabric of love.

Though years passed since her birth my time too passed,
When into her eyes I looked that, Oh’, rays of hope raised,
Stars of love in the depth of soul and hopes danced,
In the folds of my heart to the music in her heartbeats written.

Past is past that joined the hands of history,
Love left my soul and told her truth-filled stories of my life,
Oh’, the young heart of her may not understand the reality,
That every beat of her heart from her birth fueled me to be me.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

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Rains came in spring and the puddle filled,
Children came out from the frosty homes and played,
The puddle they drained, rains came back and filled,
A flower across the street grew and reflected in the puddle.

The loveliness of spring through city life spread,
Lovers walked around the puddle smooching in giggles,
Rains left, warmth sweat and summer rains puddled.
Flower drooped, died and nothing from the puddle reflected.

Many wrote new romantic legends none ever spoke,
Many romances failed and some tears into the puddle fell,
Gladness and sadness mixed but brought to life balance,
All passed over a little puddle of water now with dirt darkened.

Fall rain brought down leaves and the flowering plant too fell,
Many leaves into the puddle rolled where they became dust,
The winter came with wrath and howled across the plains,
Filled the puddle with ice and replaced dark with whitest white.

But under the dust, with warmth from the ground puddle held
Seed none took left by the helpless dying flowering plant,
Life no wrath of the winter can kill as the warmth kept the life,
Oh’, no romances succeeded can feel the warmth of that love.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

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The Pessimistic Guess.

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The thunders and lightning up above the horizons rested,
No rain fell, just a tired man in wishing what best can happen,
Ideas in his mind popped, they filled pages and a sweet-mind,
Nature calmed down, air slowly cooled, all stripped pretty trees.

The tired man hunted imaginations and ended up being haunted,
By ununderstandable sins, he never committed, but guilt felt,
In conscience who cared for nothing, knew nothing about love,
A girl felt, yet, in the screams of her world strangled and drowned.

Flowers in the night bloomed still will spread scents to attract,
Oh’, each other they loved and their love so wildly spread,
Many dreams faded, many dreams lingered and many dreams birthed,
And his love spread scents but lost in the darkness she made.

The magnificence of time none noticed, ah’, through cycles time move,
Every cycle when Earth rotates repeats to their heart each other’s love,
As every time in darkness he searches one pessimistic thought comes,
Oh’, a much older man she loves, love she can never kill and drown.

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A Bright Smile.

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Gladness came to me to the rhythm of nature danced,
When a happy smile upon your face I left,
Sweetness in the air spread, when you smiled again,
Thinking about the depths of verses I wrote.

The distractor, my conscience, danced with the devil,
And sang “Longing for the touch of lips,
Longing for the touch of nose upon nose,
Longing for heartbeats to become steady and rhyme,

And longing to bury sadness that haunts,
Sadness through the veins ran with lonely howls.”.
I sat back and let conscience draw the images,
None made sense in dark, but one stood out bright.

If I were that young man who can hold your hand,
To the temptations of conscience, I would have succumbed,
And worked hard to make you smile again and again,
Oh’, age had taken me far, far from any temptations.

So smile bright young star, in the purity of your conscience,
May the future ways to future days be bright like your smile.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

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From A Catastrophe To LonelyPoet.

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The new birthed boy all-around at everyone looked,
All wondered for many minutes, then all night he screamed,
Then the light of the world he saw, from darkness day birthed,
Baby steps he took, learning from all, about the world.

Even from childhood days, the elusive little boy searched,
For the balance of good and bad but the world misunderstood,
The cunning world only the wide open-mouthed boy saw,
Through them the odorous machinations of the world he learned.

Empires through malicious brutality established hailed,
Crimes in every eye shut by the mockery of the few,
Lies again and again spoken to give a feeling of truth,
Truth mostly never birthed even when birthed, drowned.

Evil upon everything touched, conquered and danced,
Science used to manipulate masses into ungodly mongrels,
That which meant to protect and prosper humanity used,
To organize, oppress, obliterate masses unquestionably.

He learned all those rules and to break each of them he learned,
Still, life boiled and gave and essence in a magnificent choice,
Prosper in the wild, wickedness of the evil world,
Or be a pauper who hails the good in the love of a wonderful girl.

Wrote about his love for “Little Boss” and remain the LonelyPoet.

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