Broken Sadness.

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Sunshine upon the bay fallen,
Showing the shore in light warmth of fall,
Like a billion stars little pebbles shined,
But outshined them all your love-filled smiles.

Conscience asked, “How can you touch her?”,
With a smile on the corner of my lips, I said,
“I can but hands need to stretch beyond dimension,
And further than imaginations, into a beautiful soul.”.

In the look of a child gladness shy-filled stood,
And to him with a caring smile, I said,
“When to her I convey my love you will see,
Your reflection on her face in my eyes.”.

Away from sight, somewhere in dark, I heard,
The sobbing of all sadness in my heart I felt,
When alone I wandered without feeling her presence,
That sadness now broken and weeping in prayers for our love.

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Photo by Ali Pazani on Unsplash

The Empty Canvas.

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The most beautiful part of the day passed unknown,
When I wrote a hundred more dreams for mind to see,
But dear for the welfare of yours unknown to me,
I gave away every blessing I got for the dreams I wrote.

Those dreams through time like waterfalls cascaded,
And into oblivion, they passed, like every day into history scrolled.
The echo of a question universe through time and space left,
“Why didn’t you live those dreams where she loved you?”.

Somewhere in my mind, I said, “The weaving of a dream,
Is like loving a girl, every bit of your emotion you take,
And paint it with her, every reality of yours you see her in,
When she can’t love you back, all you are is an empty canvas.”.

Conscience never minded to question me again,
None can win an argument about love for love is real,
Love is soul and we know it is there but through no sense can feel,
When love is lost, Oh’, nothing feels real, except the falling tears.

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Photo by Tamara Bellis on Unsplash

The Art Of The Lonely Man.

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Walls of graffiti he passed kicking rusty cans and dusty pebbles,
The city never weeps, nor does the city fully sleeps,
Fellowship of the broken dreams through those streets he gained,
As the beauty of all through his senses came gave a poetic touch.

Cold iron chairs of coffee shop welcomed when warmth he touched,
Oh’, deep inside the melancholy whithered into wintery chaos,
The warmth of the drink touched no soul but gave a taste,
Into a life of sweetness upon lips for a loving kiss craved.

Every movement around in his mind an image printed,
In every image that came himself, he added,
One by one those images touched each other and moved,
In that movie for her face, again and again, he searched.

The winds howled upon the pines that stood through times,
He walked away leaving the sweetness of his warm drink,
Faces smiled, businesses unfolded, new dreams knocked,
Ah’, his quill only wrote a poem about that unseen face.

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Photo by Quinten de Graaf on Unsplash

Her Thoughts In Love About Me.

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The rays of light, Oh’, they came in silence,
Showing us the love of each other in real,
The love we weaved in each other’s soul,
Oh’, the light gave a touch of unknown reality.

The reality of tattered life that rays shown,
The love letters I wrote torn and blown into air,
The street musicians, ah’, they played the pathos,
In the rhythms of my heart, as love bloodless breathed.

The fallen heroes in the middle of streets day and night stood,
Oh’, in life they carried life and as statues, they inspired life,
Now they too stand still seeing the failed love of mine,
Ah’, the drooling rain gives them a weeping impression.

The rays through the time of the day took their flight,
Time and space continued their polka through humanity,
Sadness found nothing to cling on to in silence,
Ah’, all that told me she is thinking in love about me.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

Photo by Oscar Gray on Unsplash

Promises I Can’t Keep.

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I will spend my lifetime loving you, ah’ a wonderful promise,
I will give the peace and pleasantness mankind never felt,
I will bring to you fulfillment of dreams you are yet to see,
Oh’, wonderful they all sound but they are promises I can’t keep.

Through many streets I walked, at many crosswalks, I stood,
Left many dreams where they belong, many I revisited,
Told many stories from simple events of life unfolded,
Brewed the sweetness of life deep in my heart for you.

Many lines like every poet before me wrote I wrote,
Praised love I felt for you and love inside of you well hidden,
Weaved many dreams about us hand-in-hand in love,
And both our heart beating for each other’s happiness.

Life failed us, love eluded us, future never faded in,
Oh’, somewhere in the past, time and space got stuck,
Thousands of lies, millions of fake promises at heart knocked,
And I faded into dark from you without promises I can’t keep.

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Eyelids shielded the tears from falling,
When thought about living alone,
Hands held tight the biceps so no shivering known,
Heart pounded against walls of chest giving more life.

The harmony of what bound events in time and space fell,
What once looked sparkling now at throat as a threat,
Oh’, I know not the ways to protect my love for I only know,
To protect the love of yours for me deep inside you hide.

What holds me and my time in this spot unmoving?
Oh’, deep in your heart what you felt is a spiritual reality,
For which you know not how to speak and act in material,
Love indeed is a double-edged sword that hurts and comforts.

Oh’, beyond the sweetness of smiles, fashions of the colors,
The passion of the words and the touch of our dreams,
We exist as people who cannot exist without each other,
Love indeed is a healer as time fashions itself in our love.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

The Silenced Screams.

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The dreams were silenced by the hurting words you said,
Ah’, one by one they bid farewell to the unloved heart,
All that beautiful seen, all that wonderful music heard,
Now as monsters haunted with sounds echoing in howls.

Flavors and taste melted into the tongue that spoke,
Poetry that only praised your love you felt for me,
Oh’, the love into the galloping river you floated,
Where it screamed and screamed but drowned mercilessly.

A million questions like arrows at my conscience came,
And my smiles shielded all of them still answerless all fell,
Rains once more wiped the tears from eyes fell,
But what can wipe the tears soul shed when I unloved stood.

More fire-filled arrows at every living reality came,
With what fabricated happiness I will make a smile to shield?
Oh’, tired the dreaming lover on his knees fell,
Hearing the silenced screams you drowned in the rivers of time.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

Photo by Milad Shams on Unsplash

Understanding Dreams.

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The masks of the day undone and mind emancipated,
As the day drowned in laughter from sources unknown,
Seasonal lovers still to their revealing clothes held on,
As the makeup mixed with sweat and tears drooled through cheeks.

Through my maskless eyes, I looked and saw only what sight showed,
Wickedness has replaced the wisdom of the past and celebrated,
In minds intoxicated with stuff mankind never supposed to have known,
Then I learned, I am an odd part of an era of dreamless hypocrites.

The night drowned me to sleep where I saw pathways unknown,
Those pavements so wonderfully cleaned by late spring rains,
Thunders still rolled empty drums upon cheer-filled clouds,
Flowers swaying in the light wind that forgot to make nature dance.

Every form of life in busy schedules through time passed,
I walked through time as if I own the space for just myself,
As none I saw who can share the space through I passed,
I paused to understand the pulse of time and space unveiled.

Shadowless I stood ah’, no-touch weather or nature I felt,
The sun way above cuddled with the fun-filled clouds,
Then a little warmth from all around and beyond cloaked me.
Upon the bed I sat and at the lighted up phone I looked.

Her face in the background with a smile filled with love,
I said aloud “Oh’, I dreamt and even in loneliness I felt,
The touch of her love she unknowingly sprouted at me,
Or, was a flying kiss she sent feeling the loneliness of mine?”.

Morning peeked through the curtains and dust dance around,
Another day, ah’, so many paths to follow in spirit and material,
The material man yearned the spiritual touch of her love,
The spiritual man celebrated her love for him she failed to express.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

Photo by amir sahihi on Unsplash

Meeting Of The Loving Minds

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The pavements all washed by the nightly rains,
When thunders shook the stone-filled roads,
Oh’, flashes of lightning shown a path to walk,
And he walked over those empty paths in dawn light.

Archways with creepers covered stood with smiles,
Of the gargoyles never leaving those haunting faces,
Flowers sat still on the parapets adding colors,
To the brick walls that saw ages and ages of romances.

Smoke left in swirling dances like a Sufi Dervish off chimneys,
Breakfast foods cooked in restaurants where morning rested,
And through that path he walked to rest along the eastern rays,
Then the morning danced as she came in with the warmth of love.

He loves her from everything he knows and beyond his imaginations,
She saw everything with the skeptic mind of a loved girl,
The aging man she saw from one side and then felt his loving heart,
The Natural Beauty he saw from one side and then felt her caring heart.

With a smile she said “Hello”, then looked at the chair and stood,
He replied “Hello Dear”, and told her to sit at the table he sat,
And to her skeptic looks, he said “This can be as easy as that smile”,
“Or as tough as the doubts in your heart which always will stay.”.

“I don’t hate you or anything you do..” she said without looking,
Holding her hand he said “We cannot hate each other ever.”,
“Let us make this a beginning than an end dear”.. he paused.
She looked up without a smile and said “It will be a battle.”.

He smiled and said “Yes, every moment is a battle for both of us”,
“From birth till now we fought and won every second of our life”,
“Let us battle life together than against each other.”. He stopped,
She looked up and took his hand and said: “I will be with you”.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

Photo by Garin Chadwick on Unsplash

Mind Of A Love Filled Poet.

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Driven by the passions to be loved he weaved,
Verses about hypothetical events in which he loved,
And be loved by the girl who as a dream fulfillment came,
But by the hesitations of the cunning world caught.

Every event of reality to his heart brought,
A new touch of love only through thoughts about her completed,
Oh’, no more dreams in his imaginations sprouted,
As every corner of senses and emotions, she ruled.

As every bit of all he knew in verses he wrote,
A day came when nothing made sense without her in thoughts,
Oh’, more senses he sought to express love for her in verses,
Even in those extensions ah’, her smiles filled with love came.

Every poet looks at the world through the verses they weave,
This poet looks at the world through the love in his heart fills,
Love he learned from his past that brought him to the present,
That fills thoughts about life with her even beyond the end of times.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

Photo by Elijah O’Donnell on Unsplash