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I am posting this after I wrote it nearly a week ago. You can say that this poem was really edited by me in a big way. The whole story in the dream was there. The poem was big. I wonder how I wrote that much in one sitting. 1121 lines long(not a mistake in numbers One thousand one hundred and twenty one lines in about 12 and half hours). Now the ending was open, tragically open. I read the poem to post it, it was so much depressing for me. I deleted those lines. I may write it in another way again. But now I know what that dream really meant. It is much more depressing than the dream itself. So for that long, long poem mmm here is the Russian way of saying Chmok, Chmok, paka, paka. It means Kiss, Kiss, bye bye.. haha


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The reddish sky couldn’t stay longer,

As the might of the sunrays consumed the dawn,

From the consumption of a dream I woke,

And into the corruption of consciousness I stepped,

Knowing everyday with a blessing begins,

In the same way from that beautiful dream I woke.


Rituals of a mad Tuesday done,

Not felt hungry through the warm morn,

Noon dried even the best lover’s heart,

“Oh’ summer sun what wrong did we do,

For you to lash the whip of vengeance upon us?”

I asked again and again and like a bad mouthed villain,

The sun only laughed erasing smile from every face I saw.


Evening took a milder whip and upon everything lashed,

Still, night couldn’t spread the charm of cold,

And darkness erased by lights from the naughtiness of all of us.


Oh wealthy I am in the thoughts of mine,

But today I lost all my thoughts in my trade,

For a day dream I saw a long time back,

That told a story about two beautiful eyes I may see,

And in tragedy those eyes and life forever I will lose,

That story was a good bed time story for me to tell,

In my soliloquy, listening my conscious fell,

Into that good old dream, as a dream at night, for me to see.


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