Thank you very much.

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Mo Cuishle,

    You are right, she said it in a very decent way. Anyway even I was not feeling comfortable with a 90lbs girl who is 5ft 1in tall hehehe.

  Now visiting mysites… go ahead and visit my site whenever you have the urge for it, or craving for it. I don’t sell ice creams in my site though…lol…

  Thanks a million for the best wishes…. I will never forget it. And may be it is because of the best you wished she went away all by herself, than me telling her to go away.

  I hope you are driving around your moms car, she once told me you are planning to buy it from her. Whatever, be careful… when driving over 100/mph. hehehe.


Enjoy dear… a car will change your life forever.


Riaz Ahammed.

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  1. Wow…I’m really happy that she was so impressed by my writing. Tell her thank you for such wonderful insights! If I knew Russian, I’d read the poems by the poet she was mentioning. Unfortunately, I know absolutely no russian.

    Thank you for showing her. What made her want to see them?

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