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It was a wonderful Wednesday, lots of thoughts, many times felt disappointed, many times smile from inside. Days like this once in a while comes. Poetic they are, as the dreams they leave and magnificent. Read the poem, but keep in mind, this is just a bead in a long rosary.




Oh’ the morning star to see those eyes lingered,

The truth of life I see in the morning brightened,

When her face in every corner of the mind decorated,

The star faded away stealing a dream about her I saw,

Reciting my verses, with her, in my mind I wrote,

That star was my lucky star, now meaningless,

As every luck and blessing of mine you have become.


The waking up I wrote and thought and again I wrote,

The silky sunlight became silky upon your skin,

When that reflects and upon me it lands,

Oh’ the feeling of embraces in my mind fills,

And sizzles through every vein in me,

And sun in pride another mellow ray fires,

As he exists only to show me your face.


Way to work, about her more I recited,

As step by step close to my heart her soul I felt,

A wonder of romance is born,

With every breath in thought of her.


Silent remained the evening,

The calm unknown to this mind these days,

In the depth of my mind a whisper I felt,

Deep from a soul with sincerity filled,

Oh’ captured I am in the bounds of love,

And the dark web around, away they stayed,

From the brightness of my soul in love.


“Time to dream” I said, when upon to the bed I jumped,

No tiredness felt as mind carried the body,

But before I entered the dream lands I said,

“Oh’ never ever existed for me the love of her in real,

Only in dream land she ever roamed,

To you I come who in real never showed up,

For you I live faceless in real, poetic in virtual,

Give me the face of love once at least in real”.



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