A Prayer Called ‘Love’.

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Happy Wednesday everyone…. What’s up? I write this upon adark screen with green letters, mmm that’s a lie. You all read it upon a darkscreen in green letters. The first computer screen I have seen had this colorcombination. So I keep my Xanga like this. I can keep on talking about my Xangahistory. But it will only lead me to hate myself for my mishaps. Now this dayis a pleasant day. Some Wednesdays are like this they will makes you say “GREATGREAT GREAT, LIFE IS CLAAAASSSY” I love those days and at the end of those daysI write these kinda poems.

Thispoem is written out of truth. Pure and crystal clear truth. I lovespeaking truth and it pinches my heart when I have to lie. So this poemis written because someone told me the truth. The one truth Ialways wanted to hear. Please read the poem to know what truth I amtalking about.

A Prayer Called ‘Love’.

Life as if in a swing, up and down swings,
Every day one goes up and at night comes down,
The masquerade hiding the true self,
Wonderfully done all through days,
Still some frustration haunts mind that thrived,
In ambition, hypocrisy and deception of oneself.

What are the aims of the righteous mind?
I know not and don’t want to know more,
What is right and wrong, good or bad,
Pretty or ugly, Ah I don’t want know,
As everything when peeled away the outer layers,
In flesh and blood mocked mind and soul.

May be the closeness of heart and soul with many,
Punctures the feelings for each other disastrously,
And lost I many feeling upon my unshaven face,
But far away a soul knowing all misdeeds,
Still said, “I accept you as you are”
Oh’ wonderful I felt and all hypocrisy left,
I can’t deceive my soul anymore and all frustration melted,
Reality may still keep us apart,
But the tranquility of a dream in my soul I feel.

After bowing before God in thankfulness,
When raised my hands for a prayer for that soul,
My own soul in soliloquy said,
“Love needs no prayers, love itself is a prayer,
In the prayer of that soul, eternally you will live”.
Once more I bowed before God and away I walked,
With a heart with happiness filled.

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