Songs From An Indian Master.

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Hello Everyone….

   Nopoems this weekend… during the week I will start going back to my newcollection “Yesterdays”. The weekend was spent in spiritual ways. Thelast ten days of Fasting.

NowI am wishing you all the very best for a wonderful week coming up. I amgoing back to my spiritual meditations and prayers. I am leaving coupleof songs from and Indian musician, A.R.Rahman. The first one ‘VandeMatharam(Ma Tujhe Salaam)’ it means ‘Salute You Mother’ this song wasdone during the 50th year of independence of India in 1997and released in 1998. The background high pitch humming was done byNusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan died shortly after therecording of this song.

 TheSecond song ‘Jana Gana Mana’ the national Anthem of India. When youlook at the video, you can see a lot of old people. Those are prominentclassical musicians in India. This is a wonderful rendering of theNational Anthem.

 I have given information about A.R.Rahman before in this site still here is a brief introduction.

A.R.Rahmanis the only son of R. K. Sekhar, who was a composer, arranger andconductor for Malayalam films. His father died when Rahman was nineyears old, and his family used to rent out musical equipment to makeends meet, something they found very difficult. During those hardtimes, a Sufi (Muslim) saint helped them spiritually. This led Dileepto convert to Islam, changing his name to Allah Rakha Rahman.


International accolades

AndrewLloyd Webber, a well known composer of musicals, was impressed withRahman’s unique style and therefore hired him to compose his maidenstage production Bombay Dreams (2002). This play was well received inEngland and opened him up to new vistas in Hollywood. Furthermore,Rahman, along with the Finnish folk music band Värttinä, composed themusic for The Lord of the Rings musical, which opened in Toronto onMarch 23 2006. Rahman received more international attention with thisarticle in the TIME magazine. Rahman’s first movie album Roja waslisted in TIME magazine’s TOP 10 Movie Soundtracks of all time; source.According to BBC Rahman is reported to have sold 100 million recordsworld-wide. Here is a quote from the article “A.R. Rahman is not justIndia’s most prominent movie songwriter — in a land of a billion peoplewhere movie music truly is popular music — but, by some computations,the best-selling recording artist in history. His scores have sold morealbums than Elvis or the Beatles or all the Jacksons: perhaps 150million, maybe more.”

Here is the Link to the Article in full That Old Feeling: Isn’t It Rahmantic?


A.R. Rahman has been nominated for the following awards:


Laurence Olivier Awards (UK)

2003 – Laurence Olivier Theatre Award for Best New Musical – Bombay Dreams

Dora Mavor Moore Awards (Canada)

2006 – General Theatre Division – Outstanding Musical Direction – The Lord of the Rings musical

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  1. Hi,  Thanks so much for your kindness and comments.   I see you do understand what it is to lose a parent and I appreciate your encouragement.  Good luck with everything and I’ll definitely need to check out your new book.  congratulations on that!  🙂  Take care.

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