The Last Word Of Love.

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Healing Hands, you can see the video of that song in thegiven video here. I have seen this video on MTV when I was in India. There isa big fan of Elton John out there somewhere in Michigan who got all these rare videos ofElton John. Now this song… amazing lyrics and as usual the music was so wellwritten for the lyrics one will never say that the lyrics were written earlier.Elton John truly is a master who knows how to blend music into the poeticlyrics of Bernie Taupin. Enjoy the video.

Where is the darkness that haunted my mind?
Where are the faceless images that tried to scare me?
Illusions in a battered mind scatter,
As reality of a wonderful dream as your face seen.

I started gnawing on those four lines I wrote on Friday evening all night Friday night and the weekend then on Sunday. Eventually the following came out. Finishing a poem in the middle of the night and posting ittowards the middle of the day. See those four lines stands on its own, but I know there is more than just the four lines in there. If I try I can write a poem like this for each of those lines. But I don’t overwrite consciously. Last couple of nights were amazing. I have no words to explain it. Well that helped to finish this poem.



The day upon my side of earth ended its reign,
But no darkness entered my life as bright everything remained,
Where is the darkness that haunted my mind?
Everyday I can remember from my life.

Those images all days and nights that haunted,
During day time through wind slapped my face,
At night in the cover of dark hunted my mind,
Faceless they were, now into thin air disappeared.

Are those mere illusions that out of fear, sprout?
Or, are those byproducts of fantasy from childhood days?
But whatever they may be inside the walls of mind they scatter,
As the battered mind with merging of senses rejuvenates.

Through every senses to my mind storm,
The reality of all dreams I’ve ever seen and known,
And through every veins of mine roam,
Feeling of love from my senses, newborn.

Oh’ my senses forgot the material existence,
Of everything natural that exists,
As what felt in every sense,
Held them in the prison of passions.

Time reckoned the arrival of perfection,
Nature into a soul in essence dissolves,
And in meditation of love to you I come,
A God given blessing for every dark hour I spent.

Now I remember the sayings of the spiritual people,
More blessings and glow nights holds,
Than the brightest sunny summer day.
As to my soul you whisper,
The last word of love I wanted to hear.


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