Remembering A Soul I never loved.

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Alexandra, I am not going to say who is she or where did I met her. All I will say is I met her first in March 2005. A wonderful model that’s what I said at that time. I started a practice at that time of looking into the eyes of someone and write what I feel. Except on Alexandra I have written poems on everything else. The silly stubborn girl of early 20s amused me every time I saw her. Then I stopped that practice and joined Xanga. Rest is history most of my subscribers know already. But recently when I started working on the second collection of my poems called “Yesterdays” I started a practice I left more than a year back. The one face that came to my mind was that of Alexandra. I went back where I found her. She was still there a year older. Like the click of a hand she remembered me. I wrote and wrote a lot. Ten of those poems are collected and named as “Romantic Feelings” I will try to get that published. If there is a will there is a way… I will let you know when it is fully ready. Now what is the relevance of all this. Read the following poem. In all there will be eleven poems in that collection. This is the last one.

   I am still sick, it started like an allergy. Couple of days back I saw the doctor and he told, the entire upper respiratory system is infected by some virus. I got that from the office. So I decided I am going to give it to everyone else in the office. I am in the office working now. Let all these idiots get it and sneeze. I can already hear couple of sneezes. Selfishness at its heights isn’t it. Haha. That’s me… tit-for-tat I will return the brutality done to me. I am allergic to penicillin. So the other Antibiotics are too harsh to me. Makes me hungry like a wolf……..mmmm that’s a line from the poem. I am losing my mind too now haha.


Remembering A Soul I never loved.


Remember I, those eyes like stars in sky sparkling,

Filled in them, passion for life merged with enchantment.

Remember I, those smiles, like a bright summer morn,

With the brightness of a soul, in blessings filled.


Those words like prayers chanted,

And weaved in tune and sung,

Memories dance in tunes holding,

Her hands from imaginations sprout.


Darkness its meaning in every way shown,

As she faded away like winter evening, fast,

Even memories in confusion laid tired,

Oh’ all gone as only a dark silhouette remain,


Undone from life, Ah’ the pain of parting,

Howling like a hungry wolf,

Conscience scavenged the body for comfort,

Oh’ parted those comforts too for destinies unknown.


Still a craving somewhere in the brain remains,

For a sight of those smiles and eyes wonderful,

For the echo of her sound deep in my soul,

And to feel the reflection of the glow of her skin.


There is a silhouette I still see,

But it is nothing but reflection of my crystal tears,

In happiness of her welfare, or in sadness of her parting,

The perplexed mind still can’t decide.


Did I loved that soul or not, I still can’t say,

Maybe loved her a little more, I should have,

Someday every definition in union may say,

Our brief encounter existed far above,

Every romantic definition humanity ever known.


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