Enjoy The Weekend

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Mo Cuishle, 

People disappearing, it is bizarre, my friend Shaun, gone, no idea he is dead or alive. To confuse things more, his girlfriend and mother of his two children called in tears to know his whereabouts. The way he left was also really weird. He moved in from L.A and  brought his girlfriend and kids to settle down here. Rented an apartment brought all furniture and everything else needed. After two weeks he invited me for dinner and during dinner he told. She and kids are going back and all the things in the apartment is yours. That stunned me. He sent his girlfriend and kids by Greyhound from Albany to L.A. I took a storage place and we both took a truck and moved all the stuff into that storage. Two T.Vs, Two DVD players, one a DVD recorder, a brand new bed that cost him nearly $2000.00 then all the kitchen items. One dressing table. He then moved in with me in my hotel for couple of days. One day when I was not there he called me and said he left and wanted me to leave his wallet which he forgot to take at the front desk. That really confused me because whoever wanted to pick up that wallet don’t want me to see them.

 Second one, Alexandra or Sasha. A good friend of mine for more than a year and a half. I told her I will meet her after Ramadhan, every one who knows us was expecting us to meet on 25th October. She never showed up. No one knows where she is. None can say she is dead or alive either.

 The rest is more crazy. My cousin, who followed me in every footstep from a very younger age. I talked to him last week. He cursed me for being alone.

  My book flopped much worst than I ever imagined. Then my health, got a respiratory infection that confused even the best doctors here. The antibiotics I am taking costs about $85.00 a tablet. I need to take it three times. Money is not the problem as insurance takes care of it. Those medicines tires me down.

  So all of it making my whole life the worst infection around. Sorry Mo Cuishle I couldn’t give any good news, still I wish you a very wonderful weekend.


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