One Soul

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Weekend Update…

Nothing much going on in this bright, windy and cold weekend. I am still not well, but better. I have no hopes or wishes anymore. Like John Mellencamp sung, “Life Goes On, Long After The Thrill Of Living Is Gone”.  I just thought I will leave one of my latest pictures in here.


This picture was taken during the Eid prayer ceremony that ended the month of Ramadhan on October 23rd in Kansas. I am waiting for the prayers to start. 

Have you ever heard anyone asking to be banned from a forum? I did, from the Academy Of American Poets discussion forum. Their workshops are a sham to poetry. When I asked to be removed from their website. You can imagine what went on for some days. They are sadists, who sit their to kill young poets poetic innovations. These old school waste don’t understand the modern day mindset. If anyone ever says they are in anyway associated with the Academy Of Poets. I will never look at their face again. As for me, I don’t care a shit about who says what, about my poetry. I know what is poetry better than anyone and if anyone want to read my poetry, read it and be enchanted, otherwise join the academy and get lost.

  Here is a poem I wrote originally to be given to a girl. She is gone, gone, gone. She was a wonderful friend. I hope and pray good things will come to her and her life wherever she is will be for the better. This indeed is the greatest loss of my life. A great friend. I will write more about Alexandra, as of now, I am just too sad to write anymore.

One Soul.


Bright light in my heart filled,

When pleasant thoughts in meditations found,

And with a cheerful smile,

To you I come.


The glory of mind in my search filled,

The glow of life in my senses filled,

And with that glow in my soul,

To you I come.


The veil of the morning lifted,

When your face I saw,

And the brightness I gathered,

In every meaning fulfilled,

When to you I come.


The noon time sun bowed,

When in your thoughts at sky I looked,

And the glory of you in every sense filled,

When to you I come.


New meanings of gladness I found,

When upon your eyes I looked,

That precious soul to mine every time spoke,

When to you I come.


Gladness in every way you define,

But to my eyes you look,

And seek the completeness of your joy,

When to you I come.


In the glory of love to each other dissolve,

The material passions in each other we kept,

But forever exists only one soul,

As our souls merged as one in romance and love.


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