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Environmentalists and Politicians grind their teeth,
When warmth caress their cheeks in a winter morn,
Blessed many feel when sun lashes through the white clouds,
Bird-less and leafless, trees in confusion stands.

The roads are not empty but faces are with gloom filled,
The wrong around the world is not in weather alone,
But in perceptions, opinions and principles of uncaring minds,
Oh’ some even hold a gun in their hand for peace of mind.

Thanksgiving meals have digested,
Holidays knocking at the door with jingle bells,
How many even care to kiss each other?
When love must be packed in colorful packages.

The year when preparing to say goodbye,
At the pathetic panic of the people look,
Shopping what they need and mostly what they don’t need,
And with a cheerful mind walk back home.

This world has changed and how many knows,
That the world doesn’t need any of you,
And to this beautiful world once more unkind we look,
And most in one voice say “Life sucks”.

Still this globe carries all with care,
Even when lava boils deep inside,
And when everyone celebrate a birthday,
Without singing any birthday song
For the one born on Christmas day.

Oh’ the world has changed, the world has changed,
Where plants and animals by extinction consumed,
And humans consumed by their minds evolution,
From species of intelligence to species of degeneration.

When wars and jihads are fought with none winning,
When corruption and manipulation drowns the truth down,
Minds not evolved still as precious stands,
And deep in each other sees the soul of each other,
And walks hand in hand unknown to most others,
But known to the spirit of the world as the reason,
For the inspiration of Sun to rise in the east and set in the west.

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