A Touch Forever.

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A weekend started so weird and boring and ended with a blast. I cameback to my room at 4:00AM in the morning. When I lied down to sleep Iknow my mind said “Haha that was good” The details are too complicatedand got good, bad and dirty part of a human life.

There are a lot of people pissed off because I blocked them out. Thefunny fact is the block was only for 10 days and I unblocked all ofthem. Those who counter blocked me are the ones who liked my writings alot. To them, I like you all in the same way you liked me. I don’tchange as I am way past the age of changing. Then there are others whocome in here not knowing what this is all about. Oh’ boy, they will notsleep for at least one night after the confusion they read.  Don’tworry this is just a mid age crisis, it will go away in time. Thenthere is one person who leaves a footprint in here just for me to know,that person was here and read my post. That is one footprint which willremain in my heart. It is with that thought I woke up on this mildwintry Monday morning.

 Well… Monday morning was good. I woke up late andas usual I reached work late. I thought I am not going to writeanything new for couple of days as I am working on finishing some oldstuff. Then I saw this Black And White picture of someone. I neverthought I may write a poem like this about her. Still, I can’t stopbeing a poet and the poet found no reason not to write what felt.

ATouch Forever.

Sound, the notes and pitches that fills,
The material being and the spirits,
And in enchantment blesses every moment of life.

Smell, the feeling that words cannot describe,
No other sense can in the depths of soul touch,
Like the smell of her flowery skin.

Taste, sweet or sour or in the mix of spices,
No other feeling can kill the hunger,
But taste can’t kill the hunger of soul.

Touch, Oh’ every touch wakes up a billion thoughts,
And dances through mind and soul,
And sprout dreams when the conscious mind sleeps.

Sight, it is a blessing that always wonders,
Where all the sense in sync merges,
As even dreams can only be seen.

When sight is the only sense that can be used,
From the depths of mind all senses in perfection simulates,
The material being of a perfect beauty,
That left a touch in soul, that forever will remain.


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