A Darling Who Glorified My Soul

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I have seen a ghost, Nicole Richie, dang what in the world happened tothat girl? It is not a question of what she don’t have, the question iswhat does she want. She seems to be the classic case of failedparenthood. There is no direction for these kids. They don’t know whatto do and they just don’t listen to anyone because of some stupidpride. Forget about this celebrity girl. There are a lot of commonerswho ends up like her. Both girls and boys. In all honesty, most of theparents of these kinda kids were not ready to be parents in the firstplace. They themselves were immature adults. They don’t know what todo. Between video games, movies, alcohol and drugs sex is just anotherpleasure. They don’t know what to do with the end result. Society havebecome a calamity. That’s all I can say. To end this I can say, If youare not ready to face and take responsibility of the consequence ofyour own action, it is better for you to tie your own hands and legsand lie down until you are ready to take responsibility. Otherwise, youwill end up seeing your own children like a ghost. To see what thatghost may look like. Just look at the picture of Nicole Richie.

The Poem
A poem first written on September 20th with the name of a girl. I firstposted this poem in LonelyPoet.Org on the very next day. Even when Iwas writing this poem looking at her I know this is a total misfit forthat situation as there was someone else in my mind. I couldn’t finishthis poem in the way I wanted and I did not got any connection at allbetween the paragraphs. I left the poem in there giving and explanationthat there is no connection between the paragraphs as these are justexpression looking at the material beauty of a girl. In the last oneweek I am going back and correction a lot of mistakes I made in thelast couple of years. Especially while writing. Well that’s what I domost of the time. I write it, then leave it for sometime and then goback and rewrite it correcting mistakes. Enjoy the poem.

ADarling Who Glorified My Soul

The streams flow, filled with giggles,
And a lone bird in the rhythm sang,
As if in soliloquy the bird sang,
Then when saw me in view,
Stopped the singing and in silence at me looked,
In that silent look a question implied,
“What glorifies your mind so well”
To that bird I said, “A soul well blessed,
A character sanctified,
A beauty in my mind grows,
More beautiful day by day,
Who holds every sense of mine,
Who defines the glory of all stars in the sky,
By her name the world may call her,
I call her the darling of my soul”.

The bird left for his nest for his nightly rest.
With her thought I walked away,
And in my bedtime prayers remembered I,
To pray for her happiness, everlasting through my own.

Woke up I in the morn,
And my breakfast I tried to eat,
The strawberries, cream and cereal, not tasted good at all,
The omelet and pancakes I tried,
They tasted like shredded paper,
The honey and vanilla tea tasted,
Like plain old spring water,
Nothing I know will taste sweet anymore,
As the sweetness of her lips I felt,
In a dream last night I saw.

Words into lines I weave,
Through which I want your image in the words I write,
Oh’ every letter owes its life to you,
Every word and line reflects your beauty,
And every time into your eyes I look, I feel,
Pen and paper for the touch of my hand yearns.

Time like an ocean spread,
And through the universe stretch,
But why he to me comes afresh often,
The perplexed me asked,
The only answer I figured,
Every time your face I see,
The beauty my mind feel,
In that feeling and touch of your beauty,
Even the good old time youthful become,
In the everlasting youthfulness of yours.
When you bite your lips,
And in sweet tone you speak,
And every move you make,
Oh’ all are material beauty,
With pleasure I and everyone else watch,
But the spirit of your soul I feel,
Through me spread into everything my senses can feel,
And my soul and spiritual being carried,
In a flight through every corner of the universe I know,
The undying soul will always remain,
Intoxicated in the passions felt,
When seeing the eyes of yours.

Mother nature paints a picture,
With colors of all kinds,
The falling leaves and the drizzling clouds animates,
Feeling of passions in my mind,
But then with closed eyes I looked,
And saw my own mind with your face filling,
Oh’ then the wind caressed my lips,
And echoed into my ears the song of the soliloquist,
“Those lips in your mind you see I kissed,
And fulfilling your wish I left the scent upon yours.”

Though all around for the bird I searched,
No sign of him in the freezing nature I found,
The only thought that remained in my mind, said,
The wind upon seeing the love she triggered in you,
Indeed told the truth in the voice of the bird,
As every move of her, only glorified your soul, a little more.


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