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I live a fantasy life some days and a very material life inother days. This day is a material day, the problem with material days is Iwill not be able to write much at all. The fantasy life (though I call it thatway) is much more spiritual. Then there are total spiritual days, in fantasyand spiritual days I write well. I tried to write something today mmm nothingcame out.

    Well to say whatwent on this day… it started of with my admiration to this lady. FromHead Scarf to Army Cap In this turbulent times when Muslims are looked atwith hate. She is serving in the armed forces. She is great example to everyone,to stand her ground and be herself.  Iwish her and her family all the best.

  Yesterday a news that came out after a studyin Africa that became a topic of talk betweenmany men. Circumcision Reduces The Risk Of Getting HIV By Half. I sent the newslink to my friends with this message “Cut It Off… hehehehe” I got a replyfrom my friend Deepak who know I am Circumcised he said this
“I think so man…………………….Chop your balls offalso……………..Take no chances.. “ hahaha. Well to all the men who areout there doing FRCS(Fucking Round The Country Side) do whatever it takes toavoid getting HIV. That’s all I can say. 

Preparation forholidays are amazing, I go to a mall almost everyday to take a walk around. Oh’boy who said no body is buying anything. The Crossgates Mall here is full andeveryone is carrying big bags with them. So if retailers come out with badnumbers after this season that will be big bullshitting from their side. 

This Poem: Written thinking about Alexandra after missingher for sometime when she went for vacation. I don’t even know that if she isdead or alive. She probably got abducted by aliens. Otherwise she would’vecontacted me someway. Well this poem was written long time back and was postedin LonelyPoet.Org. As I don’t want to leave my readers empty handed I amposting it in here exclusively.

You all have a wonderful weekend.

InMemory Of A Face.

 The throbs of the heart I feel,
To see a face familiar,
Though unseen in real and mostly unknown,
That face erase from mind not.

She is the factor that unifies,
The scattered life of a soul,
Oh’ buried deep in my heart,
Verses that praise the beauty of her soul.

Every moment begins with a wish,
Every moment lives in passions,
And every moment end in prayer,
To see her soon, other than in my mind’s visions.

Meaningful it all will become,
When that face I see,
Though at times unbearable,
The pain of waiting I will endure.


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