My Darling.

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The weekend went away like the click of my hand. That’s what happens inthis season. There are times I think if every moment of life is likethis when people are all in a cheerful mood and in a very sharing mood.Life always is like this and many people don’t realize it easily. Thereare those who know this fact and enjoy every bit of it to the fullest.I admire them and most of the time I imitate them. May the glory oflife be bestowed upon them always!

Now what is this I have written here? It was written as a gift to afriend. It was supposed to be put to music by Marco Avalos.Unfortunately both I and Marco missed this girl these days. When Iwrote this I know Marco will find it hard to get a tune for the wordsas my words are not musical. I know this because, when I first startedwriting it was lyrics that I tried to write and in the process Ilearned that musicians will find it hard to get tunes for my words.Marco never put music to these words as first of all we don’t have anycontact with the girl, second he don’t have lot of time. In theoriginal lyrics it was the name of the girl I used instead of “MyDarling” as she is no longer in touch with me or Marco I thought itwill be inappropriate for me using her name without her permission.



From far, far away my mind thrives for you,
To see those eyes, to hear those words from you,
Beauty that all kinds of perfection defines,
And glow in every way in purity divine.

The essence of all happiness in this world,
Life of every hope in this world,
In the liveliness of those eyes resides,
And the pained in your beauty confides.

Oh’ so long I was thinking about you,
So long I was thinking about you,
I was thinking about you O My Darling.

The flame upon every heart that you spread,
When seen your eyes, in my mind happiness spreads,
And to my mind I say,
Calm down now, without a sway.

Candles, colors, balloons and creams,
None can hide your soul that streams,
Passions my mind, absorb and writes,
And for your arrival my mind waits,

Oh’ so long I was waiting for you,
So long I was waiting for you
I was waiting for you O My Darling.

In the gloom of life for lucky stars I searched,
No way any of them, my life fetched,
All blessings to my life came,
But unloved and uncared, shadow of truth life became.

Every way the unloved life stretched,
To find peace of mind I again searched,
From darkness to my life you came,
The true warrior angle you became,

Oh’ So long I was looking for you,
So long I was looking for you,
I was looking for you O My Darling.

So long I was thinking about you,
So long I was waiting for you,
So long I was looking for you, O My Darling.

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