Fulfilled Life Of A Lover.

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It has been reported that MTV TRL is going to be over soon. The blamewill be on MTV as well as many music video directors. The generationthat loved the music videos lost their attention span to watch a musicvideo in full mainly because of the content of the music videos showingcolors unseen by mankind and showing content that cannot be watched bygeneral public is on one side, on the other side, MTV just watchedstanding on the sideline the ratings of TRL going down, down, down thedrain. What a pity.

Katherine McPhee  last year started her work on her self titledalbum but looks like got the taste of the stupid music business. Two ofher favorite music tracks didn’t made the final cut. Why don’t sherelease her songs on the internet? It will be a better idea thanbending her knees for the pressure of an arrogant industry. The successof Koopa the band from England that released their music only on theweb in the British Charts should be precedence for young aspiringmusicians. Do not let money mongering corporations control your talent.Decide your own destiny and let the world dance to your tunes.

This Poem: I have no idea what really inspired me to write this poem.May be this phrase I told when getting into my car “The lover in me isdead, but the soul of that lover will never die” I don’t know whatprompted me to say that. I was happy till that moment then quite restof this morning. In the afternoon after my soup only lunch I startedtyping in this poem word by word into the word processor. It justcame.. you tell me if there is something wrong with it.

Fulfilled Life Of ALover.

The sky in the dying light of the day blazed,
Little birds in hurry gathered food in the beaks,
Leafless trees murmured in the wind,
Rubbing bare branches, like the chant of monks.

An evening that failed in melancholy of the day,
That day into mind penetrated deep,
Breaking heart and the swollen tear ducts,
Death is freeing of pain for the dead,
Beginning of pain for the loved ones.

At the break of the day from her pain she woke,
Held the hand of her lover and vowed,
Eternal love once more and wiped,
Her own tears of pain of her cancer,
Then she looked into thin air and smiled,
May be seen the inevitable fate piercing,
The claws of death deep into her ending life.

Mind frozen, he wandered in the winter cold,
No thoughts into his mind came,
All senses paused as no more they can understand,
What to gather, for his loving mind,
As all that he loved laid motionless,
Oh’ senses can only whip sadness from his soul.

Sadness leads to helplessness,
But the smiling face of her from his soul rose,
And through his memories spread,
Those days before love consumed them both,
Her protests, anger and her reddened face,
The evening when her first told her his love,
The eagerness in her eyes when she heard his words,
And the happiness through her face spread,
Then in acknowledgement to his mind.

Then her imprinted face woke up the memories,
About the days of love that filled in his life and hers too,
The laughs and the cries, the tightened lips in her protests,
All in love and in the end with a smile she erased,
The wonder girl in all her prettiness stood,
And held his face when he fell in the tiredness of life.

Then the face opened the doors of his memories,
That filled with the pain on her own face,
Holding her tears even when the pain of cancer ripped,
Her apart from inside and all her material beauty,
That soul still stood by him as long as she can,
The fell into his hands as body lost all its strength.

Her own face that imprinted in his soul,
Shown him the way to find peace with his sorrow,
As she gave him love he can live with for a lifetime and more,
The squeezing pain he still felt has no material base,
As it vanished in those sweet memories of her,
Though she died and went away from every eyes,
Her soul found a new life as that smiling face,
In his soul surrounded by the love of him for her,
She lit with her own fulfilled life.

13 Replies to “Fulfilled Life Of A Lover.”

  1. thank you.  I’m interested to see if I know you…or if this is just by chance.  That hand is already giving my heart to the love of my life.  And your comment was beautiful.  take care <3

  2. Yeah, I’ll watch my back.  I’ve been trying to find a place to leave you a comment for a while.  For some reason i couldn’t find one, anyway, thanks for all the advice.  Also, i have no doubts that you are indeed a man.  Just making a little joke at how sometimes (like a lot) the internet can lie to you.  Again, Thanks.


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