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Almost about 18 to 20 hours of the last 12 days were spent between my regular work and online doing some help for others. Well so I don’t know what is going on outside of my little bubble. So I am not going to write any appreciative or critical comment here.


  During my online journey, I met this girl online and the following poem was written using many lines I told to her. I would’ve never written a poem out of it. But the emotional me have no choice but to be who I truly am. A poet. She is an amazing person, unlike many who came to my life with promises, this girl never promised anything and never said any excuses. Even to the question of a date she said, I need to know more about you before I date you and she is knowing more about me even as I write this. Like the good old saying says, “What goes up must come down” but this time around I am more optimistic than ever as the person I am dealing with is a lot more open hearted that anyone I ever met. So I hope and pray, this time my love that I spread up into the air will come down with another’s love.


    A paragraph in this poem was written out of an idea of the lyrics of a Tamil song, I love this song, I was listening to this song when I wrote this poem, so I used the literal translation of the words in that song in the first line of that paragraph. The paragraph that starts with “Oh my lover, Oh’ my love is the one I am talking about. I used the idea as it really matches the reality in front of me. I must add here, that this poem will never be published in a book as some part is not mine.


This poem is for you Angelina( the name given here is only a nickname she uses while online, the real name I will tell when I feel it is appropriate.)



 Madison, Wisconsin



As long as silence remains,
Mind inside like a volcano boils,
The rhythm of the heart uneven,
The feelings from it all, pain of the longing.

When in real not seen,
But in the awe of the beauty of that soul,
The mind of a lonely lover sung,

“The notes of music are seven,
The colors of rainbow are seven,
They all touch senses and fade,
There is only one face for my love,
A face that is imprinted in my senses,
Your face.

Oh’ my lover, Oh’ my love,
What are you going to do with my love,
When upon your heart, I am about to paint my love,
If you ask my eyes, I will give it to you with happiness.
As my love for you will show me the way,
And to the heaven of love it will lead,
And that heaven of love this day I know,
Is your soul, Oh? my love.

The tides came and gone,
The night wind is roaming wild,
Silence creeping deep into soul,
But with closed eyes your face I see from memory,
A throbbing heart awaits the return of you.”

Those notes of music filled the air,
And your smile filled my veins,
And thinking about the little moments with you I spent,
And about a lifetime with you I may spend,
My mind through the beauty of your eyes reached,
The land of peace, my everlasting love for you.

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