A Fulfilled Soul.

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I am really busy, helping some online daters. Sounds weird isn’t it? That’s the truth. Not much to update now about anything happening around. Kinda stale now, I feel a calm before a storm. If no storms happens, it is me, I will make one. Wait and see.


A Fulfilled Soul.


A beautiful morning around me woke,

And touched my face with the hands of light,

Then in the depths of mind I felt,

A feeling for so long unfelt,

As the soul once more in love smiled,

Then at the clock I looked to learn,

The hour of morning has not arrived.

Then my soul to me spoke,

It is the love of her through your five senses you feel,

It was about you my soul spoke.


And into my minds eyes I looked,

The imprint of those wonderful eyes I find,

The essence of a soul with which made,

A soul in which love a new definition finds,

Every moment of her conscious life,

Oh’ from those newly found definition,

Sprouts feelings of love mankind feels,

That makes them love their lovers without imagination.


Eyes are the windows to a soul, they say,

Eyes of yours are the doors to perfection,

A soul in every meaning and actions purifies,

Every other soul at which you smiles.


Oh’ that smile holds the beauty of a thousand springs,

The warmth of the evenings of ten thousand summers,

And can melt glaciers in millenniums frozen,

And from night of this life erase,

Darkness, as the brightest star so close seen.


The morning into history faded,

But not the memory of those eyes and soul,

In which I feel the paradise of my love,

Without which my heart the grave of my love,

With which the standing monument of happiness,

And in every breath I take in thankfulness I pray,

For the sanctified soul my God made me,

And I walk through these days fulfilled.

And every day is a new day that pass through new time,

But her love for me and my love for her will remain forever, same.


Night arrived like a fugitive unseen and unknown,

But the calm wind in the winter from behind caressed,

The soul of the wind spoke,

About the dream you felt,

From your mind where embedded,

The silhouette of lifetimes of love in your eyes dances,

And kisses my soul from where,

A new dream about life sprouts,

Every time a kiss is laid,

And from those dreams comes reality,

As the touch of yours when I plunge

My face into your imaginary palms in love,

Though far, far away you are,


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