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What a weekend passed and a week. I love the Oscars it was wonderful. I predicted every award, none of my predictions came true. So much for my ability of intuition. Most of the nights and days were spent chatting with a whole new group of people, mostly from Europe. It is fun a lot of fun, yesterday I literally fell asleep in the chair as on a weekday I could only sleep an hour and half. This day is coming to an end a wintry mix is showering outside and the light cold breeze plays a little tune on her way. And I am on my way to a weekend with a lot of expectations.


The Poem: Written from real life events. The period I will not say. Reality sometime can become brutal. But if the people involved love each other beyond everything those brutal realities will become irrelevant and they will write their own reality. I have my pen and paper ready, will I get the ink to write that reality. Wait and see. In the mean while …. Read…


Have a wonderful weekend everyone.


Drag Me Close.


Between nights and days enslaved,

Earth without complaints steadily moved,

When the beauty of the days and night watched,

Life through this moment of time passed, unknowingly.


Drag me close, Oh’ Angel, drag me close, I said,

When to close your eyes and see me I said,

Did you see you own soul, O my dear,

As my soul with your soul have merged,

The moment those words of love you said.


Though mists of doubts and fear surround,

The love in souls in pure thoughts merged,

Let the Earth pass through millenniums ahead,

But our love to each other will remain even beyond.


So drag me close, Oh’ Angel, and wake my muted thoughts,

Of all the beauty around this material world we seen,

The best of all feelings sprouted in the little moment of laugh we spent,

Though mother tongue of each other we understand not,

Isn’t it time to break the invisible umbilical code?

And let language of love fill senses with new meanings of life.


When all that I loved immaterial became,

When a love greater than all the love I felt, touched,

Deep in my soul and melted every fear of mine,

Funk not dear, but hold my hands in trust,

And in my eyes see, the divinity of a soul sanctified,

By the beauty of thoughts and purity of your own soul.


Oh’ Drag me close to the eternal life,

As in your silent thoughts I fell in pain,

My stretched out hands are not empty or cold,

But feel the warmth of your arms that raise me close,

Drag me close and from between our material being erase,

The last light ray mixed with the mist of doubts.

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