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Uncertainty and long waiting were considered a curse. What if a lifetime is filled with that? In the last one week these thoughts filled knowingly and unknowingly .Then a thought came to my mind what if I watch her wake up. This poem is from those thoughts.

Her Waking Hour.

A morning woke up around the cityscapes,
That stood as monuments of history made,
Darkness from the fury of light escapes,
Stars and milky way in the brightness of light fade.

Light finds its meaning only to the sense of sight,
The sounds of nature none heard,
The smell of the fresh morning none smelt,
The touch of the warmed up air none felt.

Meaningless are the outbursts of the morning,
Shapeless became an undefined life,
Monotony broke itself like amoeba,
Still a silhouette of perfection held together the morning.

Oh’ how many years I waited to see,
A morning like this blossoming,
The sanctity of a lifetime of hope,
The fulfillment of a lifetime of love.

Oh’ those eyes opened and the dreams fought not to leave,
Every breath of her fought itself to be back,
And the beauty of the surrendering morning gave,
A delicate touch all over her body.

She felt nothing, but the whole nature paused,
As that silhouette of perfection found,
The host of itself and on to her merged,
Life and a day found a whole new meaning history never seen.

She looked at me and every ounce of love I gathered and smiled,
She held herself harm to arm and sizzled,
This humble man’s love she felt and then she smiled,
And in the honor of seeing her awake in the love of mine, felt blessed.

Have a good Weekend Everyone.

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  1. HOW ARE YOU DOING MY FRIEND…SO LONG SINCE WE LAST SPOKE, I hope this is not a trend you mean to last forever…i have not forgotten you for a second, you are always there in my mind…you, beneath the yellow blooming tree in the lyrical nightengale’s garden, singing his heart out over lost love. blessings be upon you, Jerriann

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