Death Of A Material Man.

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Irecently saw a program about animals in the Kalahari desert. One ofthem was a Bull Frog. After the rainy season the frog covers himselfwith mud and goes down the earth and stays down there until the nextrainy season. It reminded me of an act which I do. When everythinggoes negative in life I shut myself out and sit in a corner doingnothing. This is that kinda period. It just makes no sense to attemptanything as I know everything will end in failure. I am not afraid tofail, but it makes me sad when I see people who cares about mefeeling bad and sad when I fail.

Now here is a poem… Read and enjoy.

DeathOf A Material Man.

Where are all the dreamers gone?
Were they really torn apart?
By the harsh realities that stoned,
From all corners of life.

Deep into the mocking alleys walked,
When the loser to the darker side oflife moved,
Graffiti from the walls laughed,
Completed was the mockery of livingthis shady life.

Oh’ how wonderful it all looked,
The smiling faces and colorful eyes,
Truth in those eyes filled and everymind were hooked,
Oh’ how much the world learned to fakeemotions and passions.

Anger in frustration boiled from themind,
With rolled fists he walked throughfilth and dark,
Nothing can stop him in his passionlessoffense that binds,
His heart to shadows that never had anyreal figures.

That which in real never existed,
Only in the rolls of smoke born,
And in the intoxication he found thoseshadows dance,
And every moment more and more lifetorn.

Hated he the light to his path came,
Never looked at any eyes as emotions hedivorced,
A player of screaming illusions hebecame,
As into the darkest paths of life hehimself forced.

With imaginary pride he held his headhigh,
Even when wine, women and drugs failed,
To satisfy his want for more pleasure.he cried,
No tears, no emotions he felt as themurder of emotions he hailed.

Then one night another like him intohis heart fired,
For his own pleasure of blood anddeath,
No screams, no tears, no pain, assilence filled the air,
But when closing his one last timeaccepting death,
From far far away he saw a lightconquering his soul,
Which he never thought ever existed.


4 Replies to “Death Of A Material Man.”

  1. read and enjoyed

    as for the bull frog/time of corner sitting…..eye think eye do the other….when things are going good eye do nothing….and when the negative happens eye throw myself into motion… it at the orders of another or at random….eye find something to do when life appears to be heading toward the anti matter…maybe cos eye am lazy at heart hehehe…fore why else would eye do nothing in the good times

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