Loveless Destiny

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Summeris scorching on me now. What a heat. Come on this is like India. Hotand humid now. I hated heat when I was young, now I hate it more. Well I did not do much after coming from Milwaukee. A serious setback happened when trying to get a job contract. That is really bad.Well living with the bad and celebrating the good of life is whatmakes life and interesting thing. The US immigration departmentstopped all green card processing which they made current and askedus all to file for the final stage of processing. I want to get thiscrap over with and move on with my life. Really fed up with it all.Well there are hundreds of thousands of people out there facing thesame situation. Nothing more I can say. Looks like everything iswrong in every front. What did I do when I heard about it. Went for aparty danced a lot hehehe. That’s what it is all about. Then at theend of the night I said… Life cannot control me and I will neversuccumb to the events of fate. I am a believer in fate as I learnedin the last 25 years that I got nothing to do with many thingshappened and happening. It never made me sad. The only thing thatmakes me a bit sad is what is written down as a poet.



A hundred nights I spent in deepestsleep,
A hundred days I spent in deepest thoughts,
Along camenone in my mind can keep,
Only shadows of myself and othersfought.

Regretful words at me they all spoke,
When denyinglove to and my love for them,
One after the other left my lifemocked,
And with forgiveness I moved away from all of them.

Nomore faces in my mind I see,
No dreams haunt me as sleepless Iremained,
Don’t know what in my mind I feel
But wrath of nonethis soul ever gained.

After decades of searchrelentless,
From the depths of dusty past a lesson I took,
Andengraved in my mind to remind me to be loveless,
As the eyes oflove into my fate never looked.

I smile lot in days andsmile-less in nights I sit,
Watching days and nights in passionpass away,
But still into the depths of my soul echoes hit,
Andhearing the cries of a loveless past sway,
My mind and everycorner of my being,
And once more it all leaves in mind abelief,
That my mind or actions or anything I heard orseen,
Oh’ none of them  controls, the loveless destiny of mine.


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  1. hey its been forever. i don’t do much on xanga anymore. been posting poems and blogs on myspace now…and some facebook. anyway school is going pretty good. graduate in decemember…gettin pretty insane right now. anyway how are things for you? take care!

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