Yesterdays And Romantic Feelings

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Excerpts from the blog entry inLittlewoods in LonelyPoet.Org

Everyone maybe wondering, why not a lotof poetry comes from me now-a-days. I have finished the second bookit is two different collection of poems. One is “Yesterdays” which ofcourse you all may have read the rough drafts on PoetryBox andLonelyPoet.Com. The second one is called “Romantic Feelings” Istarted to write it about a year ago. The first 15 poems in thiscollection was never seen by anyone. Then I went on to write another45 more poems in nearly 8 months. Comparatively slower for me, thelast time I finished 110 poems in 90 days. Well of course that was anemotional circus to get someone out of my mind through writing asthat person got in my mind because I tried to write about her. Thatis a long story about which we both laugh. Well haven’t heard fromher for sometime now…..

So the new book is called“Yesterdays And Romantic Feelings” in all there will be 110 poemsin this book. The book “Age Of Survival” contains about 192poems. This one is shorter and I hope the book will be lessexpensive. Last time I got complaints that the book is a bitexpensive at $21.95 especially from some of my European friends. Wellmy European friends bought more books than my American friends. Lookslike the Europeans bought the book and complained than the Americanswho never bought the book but just gave me a smile instead. Well itsold much more than I expected. But I my expectations about theAmerican poetry readers was a terrible disappointment. Well I am theLonely Poet and I am a big disappointment in winning hearts, won’t mypenname say it….

  I will be editing the book for somedays from now on. There is this poem I am working on calledIzabella. I don’t know if that poem will be part of the book or not.Well soon you will see that poem here.

The Verve – Bitter Sweet Symphony

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  1. what do you see happening in an age where everyone downloads their music and movies…that they would be arsed to buy a book….but all that aside it amazes me how little credit people give themselves for being able to write a book…….many and eye do mean many start one but what it takes to finish one is something few people ever really have….and fore that eye would say part of me looks up to you in that sense… eye am the other of people like you…..eye start many ideas on books yet not one is truly finished…..

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