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Hello, Hello,

    I made a promisethat I will post the poem “Isabella” soon here. I am sorry, I couldn’t  finish it before I took the one month longbreak for Ramadhan. The fasting month is over and now I am back to my writing.Work stands between me and who I truly am. Hehehe. Yes my new assignment ishectic. Still I hope I will be able to finish it before the end of next week.

   So what all happenedafter my last post…… not a lot, got a new job which still is not permanent, Ilived for nearly 15 years as a vagabond, so it may take a little time before Ican settle down. But I will not give it more than 365 days. That decision isnew.

. On the fun side,before going into Ramadhan met Shobana one of the best actress I have seen inIndian movies. 2 time Urvasi award winning actress who started acting when shewas 14 or 15 years old. She was honored by the Indian government with a Padmashree one of the highest civilian honors in India. Excellent dancer and an amazing person. I first met herin Mysore when I was in college, she was actingin a movie with south India’ssuperstars, Rajanikanth and Mammooty. She was lean and was moving around allthe time. Now she is winding down with her acting career, at least that’s whatI believe. She is on to classical Indian dancing. She made a Broadway showcalled ‘Maya Ravan’ based on the Indian epic Ramayana. For a charity event shecame to Overland Park, Kansas. Nearly 40 years old now, a littlemore chubby than the last time when I saw her in Mysore, but when she started dancing… wow… 4hours straight with taking 3 min breaks for dress change. After the show shecame out to meet her fans, I took some pictures and here is one of the picturetaken by a friend, I felt a bit touchy when she said, “I am tired, I must sit”

From left my niece Amina Mariam, sister-in-law Nishi Ahamed, my brother Shibili Ahamed, and me… Sitting is the tired Shobana.

If you want to know what she does with her dance here is a taste of it.

Enough about Shobana, hehehe… back to Isabella, yes, from my mind she is on her way to yours. Be a bit more patient Ladies and Gentlemen.

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