Woody woody Woodson, WOW Wee

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What a wonderful weekend, first the drive to Overland Park, then the relaxing weekend. Sunday I know I have to drive back to my work place( the place where I am is hidden I will not say that here, there is only a handful of people who knows where I am) I thought of going for the Packers–Chiefs game but first my brother couldn’t arrange the ticket, then I couldn’t get the tickets then I thought we will go to the game and get tickets from there. We old lazy bones got up late. But it was fun watching the game on big LCD screen T.V at my brother’s home. I thought the Packers blew this game away when I saw two interceptions from Favre. But he is the Desert Fox he will never give up, two amazing touchdowns then came the man I once told a waste when he was hired by Packers. Charles Woodson, what a wonderful game he played. The true game winner. That was one heck of a game. Chiefs played well too and it was disheartening sight when I saw one of the most prolific running backs Larry Johnson limbing off. It was much more scarier when I saw two Packers defenders carted out. It all happens. Looks like this is the year when Packers will make a statement above all the other teams. I am happy, now back to work.

 Sam, you are one lucky girl to see that game at Lambeu field. I remember that game. I would’ve given my heart to see that game I was a little too far away…  Nikki, you want to say something say it here or write me mile long emails(I love long emails and I will write one double the length of your email) please don’t sent offline messages that literally clogs up my messenger… hehehe. And the rest… I was looking for a permission from the real Isabella before I put the poem in here. Legally, I have to inform her through whatever means possible and wait for at least 30 days before I can speak about her. I did informed and now almost ready( I know she will not contact me back). Now you all know I am writing about a real person. You will see who I am writing about and you will read what it was all about. Give me one more week. Okay…

Have a great week ahead of ya all

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