Heavenly Love.

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Do you know what I hate most, those who comes and tell me Seasons greetings, Happy holidays, duh… I don’t even have holiday. I work my ass out… that is not the point. When it is Christmas holiday, say Happy Christmas, Merry Christmas. Say it. That’s the truth, rest are all lies. Well said that, it is a time of giving, maybe it is a little thing one could do, but it brings more cheer than one can imagine. Don’t forget the unfortunate when you feel fortunate. I am fortunate to say that.

There is not a lot going on, one good news is my brother’s mother-in-law is okay. She is out of the hospital now. The surgery to remove her brain tumor was successful. Nothing else is happening around, I am working every day. That’s it.

The poem, I saw many people walking with their hands in the pocket before the salvation army bell ringers without even a smile. This is not the season of giving just gifts to loved ones, this is the season of giving. That thought plus some reality I am facing. I put it all together in one little poem.


Merry Christmas my friends, brothers and sisters. I love you all.

Heavenly Love

The mind spoke all the time reassuring,

When failures of the material life crushed,

Hopes that shed light to see ways ahead,

In the darkest paths so hard to pass.


What led to the failures mind never asked,

Still endured in views so optimistic,

Every time I fell a beautiful face mind found,

That kindled the hopes in the brightness of their eyes.


But like mirages they all faded away,

Love to which I once told no,

Now whenever I felt said to me, no,

And the bitterness in depths of my heart, I always felt.


Oh’ these days they just pass me by,

When fairness of values I know not,

When gladness always leads to sad thoughts,

And the silence finds pleasure in the torture of mind.


Yes the all reassuring words first became meaningless,

Then they too faded away along with faces,

My nerves feel cold as no warmth of love it feels,

My face smile-less, my mind speechless,

And soul, in a never ending fall.


Spiritless walks, dreamless sleeps and thought less talks,

Days went in haste; nights loomed over with a vengeance,

Then on a dark evening along the narrow sideways when I walked,

Heard an abandoned, homeless asking for help,

Emptied my pocket and without a word I walked.


Little it maybe, but the spirit of the mind came back,

Then said, “Love never cursed you, Love never will,

If it did, the homeless will be sleeping hungry in the cold”.

No more cold in my nerves I felt,

As I can feel that heavenly love, from inside.





The video, Elton John’s Rocket Man… good mix of other scenes… recently someone told me her favorite song of Elton John is this song… I was looking for this video and found it in Youtube.. enjoy.


21 Replies to “Heavenly Love.”

  1. I’m a giver in general, doesn’t need to be “the season”… i dont have seasons of giving, its year-round for me. it seems that people are lacking in the spirit of giving this season, it saddens me. i feel like i am the only one excited about it all and the negativity going on brings me down a little. i have not given much money wise since i do not have enough money on me right now to spend on all those that i care about and random folks around, but i do try to give warm smiles and say nice things to strangers. The Rocket Man video is great except my Mac will stop every 10-second intervals.. gets a bit annoying. Do not know why it is doing that. Best song he eva made! 🙂

    – Monte

  2. thank you for extending the merry christmas to me…i say it heartfelt to you, and add you will always be a special and dear friend to me though we dont talk so often as we once did. i havent forgotten you or your beautiful poetry which is always honestly put and full of feeling. i love how you never hesitate to express yourself in frank and open truth, whether it might upset a reader or not its a no-holds-barred truthfulness that sets you apart from panty-anty poets who have no heart. sometimes truth is much harder to swallow but truth always stands tall while untruths fall flat and it takes courage to be strong enough to stand there and display emotions that others may find overwhelming, but in the end you are standing and i am not amazed by this because i know you are right and you know it too so convistion is the strength that keeps you tall. god bless you, take care. i love you for you, my friend.

  3. i am glad someone feels the same way.
    there is this one local grocery store in the town i live in. and there is JUST this one little old man who stills says merry christmas. and i wait in his line just to hear it. its good to hear someone say merry christmas.

    well i hope you have a MERRY CHRISTMAS.
    i sure did.

    god bless and hope all is going well.

  4. Thank you for your comment. Of course, you didn’t exactly understand what I meant by all of that because I did not tell a story there. I only put the things that I needed to say. There was a story behind it all, there is. I don’t exactly explain things I feel are too personal, besides. So I guess no one really knows what I mean by anything I post. Oh well, though. Thank you, it actually was quite encouraging though, so thank you for that.

    <3 Hannah

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