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I put my own picture in profile, because, couple ofmonths back a guy from here sent me a very romantic letter, I toldhim I am not gay. He told I am sorry, I thought you are a girl. Thenanother girl from here who added me to her Yahoo told me, she neverthought I am a man. Then in the last post I saw someone telling,write on girl. Daang.. so I don’t want anyone to think anymore I am agirl. Okay

I spent most of this Saturday sleeping. Then I listenedto music, meanwhile I chatted with couple of good friends. Just whenI was chatting with one of my friend she was telling me a lot of herdreams during her younger days. This is a first draft written out ofone of them, I am calling this a first draft because I don’t feelthat it is finished, to say in another way I don’t know if I was ableto express what I really wanted to express well. Then I thought whynot ask my friends here in Xanga to tell me what they think.

Here it is.

TheLove Of The Gypsy Lady.

A thousand beads she held on a her lap,
And with a whistle she strung them one by one,
But her mind one can figure away from there,
As the mid summer sun shied away between clouds.

The little birds flown around her fearless,
Bees flown around leaving the flowers,
As the wild beauty made a wild wild necklace,
For some unknown downtown girl.

In her younger days she wishfully believed,
The man of her dreams came upon that fat old tree,
Upon the wings of the angel of love,
And waited to hear from her every full moon night.

Every full moon night awake she stayed all night,
And sung songs of love that praised him well,
Songs of gladness and many times sadness in not seeing him,
Then her wishes, dreams and the care she may give.

In her young heart with dreams she made,
A small wooden house near the lake,
Where in the warmth of each others love,
Live days and nights until breaths will seize.

Never a face her dream have seen,
Though age grabbed her by her throat,
And all around the countryside wandered she,
And far away from her mans tree she went.

The world taught her there is none up there,
A man of her own kind wed her on a moonlit night,
In the years passed she gave birth to five pretty ones,
All of them made her a mom everyone wish to imitateonce.

When the last bead she strung and tied the necklace,
Her daughter with curious mind to her asked,

Who will wear such pretty beads, ma?”
A prince will buy this for his princess dear” momreplied.

Oh dear, the prince live somewhere far,
And on full moon nights comes,
Upon the wings on the angel of love,
Then he will feel your heart upon his”she said.

When she took her breath to say more,
The little girl skipping rope and left,
But the mom heard her little girl sing,
A tune that once had words of all the dreams she weaved.

Kaadhal Rojavey – Roja

This is from a Tamil (spoken in the south indian state of Tamilnadu, which is the nearby state where I am from) This movie was a very sensitive movie as it portrays the life of a girl whose husband, who is a defense cryptographer first comes to marry her sister as an arranged marriage, that girl have a boyfriend and she pleads to him to save her relationship with her boyfriend, the scientist tells that he did not like the girl but he like her sister. Everyone agree and the marriage goes on but this girl was angry at him for rejecting her sister and literally insulting her in front of everyone in the village. By the time her sister calls her and tell her what happened her husband gets kidnapped by terrorists. The girl is from a very rural town and she ends up fighting the government to get him released. This is a song he sings when he is in captivity. The music is by A.R.Rahman this is the first Tamil movie A.R.Rahman did. The songs in this movie became an overnight sensation in the entire south India. Listen. The actor is Aravindswamy and the actress is Madhubala

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  1. Oh such a poignant piece…you capture the heart of the reader, deep inside the feelings of the bead lady. You paint a beautiful picture of hope and dreams…well done my friend, well done!

    Loved this, bravo!


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