Smile Of The Snowman

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I thought I will sleep at 11:00PM but as I slept till3:00PM how will I sleep is a good question. Well I talked to mysister after a long time. She is happy. Today was warm here at leastthat’s what the weather man on T.V said. In the evening I went to thegrocery store, it was warm I bought food for the rest of the week.Well that’s all in this Sunday. Next Sunday what will I do is aquestion. I have a guitar I may play that all day. Well I don’t knowhow to play that is the only problem. It was bought as a stressbuster. Still I may play that in the best possible way. I want toavoid watching that super bowl damn can’t believe Packers are notplaying.

The poem, when snow falls all around one thing thatstands in every neighborhood, snowman, what do we see on him, a smileand after winter will be gone we still may remember the snowman aswhat we can remember of him, his smile. Here is what came of thatthought.

SmileOf The Snowman.

The mid winter evening fell prey to thegathering,
Of the dark clouds from west came andspread,
All around the horizon like an invadingarmy.
Then upon everything fell, the whitemischief of nature.

The next morning woke up to a feet ofsnow,
Then in the fun of all took birth thesnowman,
His big bulky belly and thin hands,
No clothes but a hat, but all smiled atthe well drawn smile.

He stood like the warrior guarding thetown,
The freeze gave him more life everyday,
All who looked at him smiled and walkedby,
And kids and grownups all at him waved.

The freeze went with the arrival of thenesting days,
The trees shook away the last bit offrost,
Little birds squeaked with all theirbody strength,
The snowman went underground as onlyhis hat can be seen.

As flowers bloomed and later warmth ofsummer came,
In golden evenings everyone scatteredin summer fun,
The games of love once more played withfull hands,
And love left with the golden rays ofthe evening sun.

When the soul was once more leftunloved,
Looking at the dusty torn hat Iremembered,
The only realistic smile my mind canremember,
The smile of the snowman in that winterfreeze.


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9 Replies to “Smile Of The Snowman”

  1. why would u stop RSS feed or messaging?? What have people said?? I’d block their bums if they were being mean or send out a strict message saying something about whatever the issue was. Hope you are okay.

  2. First off, “Drawing of a Face” should definitely be titled “The Pencil”… it adds curiosity into reading it! Plus it sounds funny and cute. Also, I’ve noticed quite a few people who used to be regulars on my page have quit seeing it, some stop by don’t comment and some don’t ever stop by but still on their subscription list. Not a good month for Xanga. This line, “the white mischief of nature” sounds ghostly. I like it… and putting in any color would give new meaning… like “the black mischief of nature”. Creepy though. Haha. Take it easy, have a good evening. Don’t get too bummed on Xangarians.. theyre not perfect either.

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