The Dagger

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Cried, cried and cried,
No tears came,
Laughed laughed and laughed,
No one else laughed along.

A dagger was given with no choice,
A double edged one with no handle,
No matter how I touched,
Blood, blood and everything becamebloody,
Though no cuts were seen for the healerto heal,
Pain Pain Pain, Oh’ Pain no one elsecan feel.

Ran, ran ran and again and again I ran,
But the dagger followed everywhere Iwent,
The wounds no one else can see,
The pain no else can feel,
Oh, round round round along with EarthI too went.

But there are times when upon my ownface I fell,
And everything alive, dead and the nonliving burst,
Into laugh, laugh and laughs,
Tears comes to my eyes as they knownot,
The dagger pierced me at the time of mybirth.


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