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I wrote a comment recently, which wasunfair, I don’t know what I was thinking when I wrote that comment ina girls site. My heartfelt apologies to her for that. In anothercomment I wrote to another person that it will take some strongconvincing for me to open the comments here. Well, it came reallystrong. The comments are open with my surrender. No RSS or Messaging.

Have a great day.


Light travels faster than eyes can see,
Thoughts travels faster than light can show,
The silly mind though fails to think right,
But like a rubber band stretches and breaks,
Leaving scars none can heal.

Of all the knowledge one can learn,
The best are learned from none else but oneself,
The simplicities of a smile, the blink of an eye,
The tone of the speech and the beat of the heart,
O’ how wonderful mind can feel about life.

Sense in thoughts, senseless in acts,
Drags oneself through the madness of life,
All played like an endless drama,
Where one try with relentless passion,
To blend into an unreceptive nature.

Still search and search for way to define,
With ideas that blinds and deafens,
The rush through the ages like a roaring river,
Though the symbols were shown, seen and felt,
Unbelievable they all remains in shut out senses

O’ all forget, there is nothing to search for,
As everything is in the reflection of oneself,
All the in depth feelings of everything,
Comes from within and the life, world and nature,
Oh they all are mere mirrors that reflect the light of truth.


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