The Unidentified.

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If I am going write what I feel people will curse me. That much I disagree with many people. Consistency can be achieved only by being patient. Some people just don’t get it. If one is not consistent one will not know how life is going to be lost. I am not telling this from my own stupidity. I am telling this from a whole lot of life I have seen. I can proudly say, I know it, as I have seen it, heard it and felt it because to almost every corner of America I’ve been, and before that nearly 29 years I was in India, there too I have seen people failing making the same stupid mistake. There is one lesson I can tell everyone to listen, never define your life, if you do that, you are doomed to depression, sadness and many explode, many just can’t take it anymore and will kill themselves. One of my friend did that, he was like a twin brother for me. Sometime when we look back what we see may look like stupid mistakes. But those are the foundations that made us who we are, where we are and how we are. That is the reality in ones life, the nearest past. If you try to define everything in a box that don’t exist, by spitting at that past, what one will get is thin air. It may be very hard to understand what I am saying, but one day you all will know, I was right all the way.
I thought I will write a new poem and with a lot of work to do and it is nothing but Mainframe COBOL that is coming in my mind now I don’t think I will be able to write anything that is going to make any sense to anyone. Then I took an old poem, I wrote this poem when I was in Texas around early March of  2005. That was before I came to this site. Now why I left this poem out, when you read it you will understand the unbelievable situation. I did not modified this at all as is I am giving you this. If you think there is anything wrong, feel free to tell me.

Have a good day everyone.

The Unidentified.

The times have moved,
And the sounds of Nature changed,
The silent snow in warmth melted,
And came the thunders and giggling rains.

The ear piercing thunder shocked,
The wind danced her way to cover the face,
Nature celebrated the birth of a new Spring,
As night stretched his might across the lands. 

Oh’ through everything darkness crept,
The dark clouds stood over like armed guards,
Firing at will lightning and roaring thunders,
Shivering horizons and scaring sleeping crows.

The hazy windows stopping the darkness,
As the reflection of the scented candles seen,
Towards the corner of the room when looked,
Upon the couch as clear as a crsytal seen,
The image of a beauty I have never seen.
A dream or not I know not, shook my head,
Then I can see her smile, as to my eyes she looked,
Its not a dream as the smile I clearly can see,
Slowly I got up but no fear in my mind I felt,
“How did you got in here” with smile back, I asked,
Down first then up to the ceiling she looked,
Again the same question I asked as close to her I moved,
As if to stop me with an eye full of suprise,
She stretched her hands and I stopped,
She looked at the window with her hand stretched,
I did not moved as I stood and admired,
A beauty so perfect, for a long time I just stood.

Then the warmth of touch all over me at once I felt,
As I saw her fading slowly as breathless I just stood,
She is gone and the warmth I still felt,
With an aromatic scent filling my room,
Slowly and steadily I went to the sofa she sat,
Sitting where she sat, with all logic I thought,
What was it? I thought and thought and my mind too faded.
“Wake up man, wake up now” alarm roared,
And still I felt the wonderful smell she left,
Though my own senses I myself disbelieved,
When walking out to my car I noticed,
The old, died out rose thorn with a bud of rose.

14 Replies to “The Unidentified.”

  1. RYC: Thank you. I was worried it was written in a sloppy unorganized manner, but then that’s how my moods are when it comes to weather! My thoughts and my mood really does depend on the weather. I like your term “hazy windows” in your poem. Your poem is like… that movie… City of Angels… although I didn’t particularly ENJOY that movie, I still loved the idea of “feeling” someone who is not physically there. Is your last line supposed to suggest hope?? Like a blooming flower? I know you said the old died out, I read that… but the “bud of rose” kind of makes me wonder. Perhaps I cannot read at 2am… haha. Thank you again for the kind words. You are truly a nice man.

  2. Your very right about defining your life. If you do then then you start to think “There has to be something more” and yet when that “more” doesn’t show… it does lead to depression. Or a state of waiting. Never sum up your life, just learn to fully appreciate when you have in the Here and Now.

    Thats a beautiful poem like always, your very talented!


  3. Hey, LP. Thanks for your comments. Haven’t been on Xanga for ages… looks like I have some catching up to do on your poems (which I always enjoy!!) Have been working on a different blog some, not too much poetry pouring out of me these days, but it usually ebbs and flows like that. How are you???? You friend, Lah

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