Driving Too Fast

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One of my friend in Australia sent me this picture… the captions were a little different so I am going to add my way to it…

A man got pulled over by cop for speeding and the officer came to him and said,

Sir, please give me your license and registration, you were going too fast for these roads sir.

He said “naa I am not I was going only at 35 you must have got it wrong in your radar, please check it again sir”
The officer got a bit confused by this reaction, he told “I’ll get you the radar report”  while taking the license and registration from the guy.
On his way back he noticed something in the car and came back to the man at the wheel and said..
“Please look at your dog behind sir, that is one sign you are driving too fast”

It is Tuesday, everything must go on Tuesday..

4 Replies to “Driving Too Fast”

  1. hahahahaha! Does the officer look for these signs also? Great! I am feeling pity for this dog…don’t know how they made the dog to go into this position. Hope it is a photography trick only. RYC:- Its nice that you studied in mysore. I liked that city. But I don’t have enough idea of Mysore. This was the first time that I visited. Hey, that snaps are nice…….remind me of old days! I like the snap of Mysore Palace taken in night. It looks beautiful, like some marriage ceremony 🙂

    Hope you are doing great! Have fun! Bless you.

    ~Namaste~ Nidhi

  2. so funny, love it! thanks hon for your kind comments about my piano…this was just a part of a bigger piece; thank you also for your visits to my place and the mini…sweet!


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