What Sucks

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Just waiting for my boss lady to get back to me for some questions I asked. So I thought I will give you a quick update. I don’t think you will see another poem her for another month, if I finish what I am working on now early,  I will post it here. It is long. So for many that kinda sucks. This is something I started doing for my satisfaction. Then I went insane, stopped it now back at it.

Got many invitations to join facebook and I did joined. Honestly, that is most screwed up thing I have used on the internet. It sucks big time. So those who want to read me, come to my home and read. I am not going to come to your place and post what you want for you to say … it sucks.

Generally speaking my life goes really well. When things go wrong, I find a mirror and say.. You suck  big time buddy. Then give a smile at myself.. you know.. I love my smile.

I am going to start a prose work, which requires a lot of help from my friends(real ones I know in flesh and blood, not virtual ones who smiled at me and kissed someone else) On March 25th it will be 10 years since I came to USA. This prose writing will be a look back at the life which many don’t know about. Sajumon that’s the name my mother call me. Ashan is the name of my family. Some of you know about that Xanga site. I haven’t done a lot with it after the attempt to write a conversation with a fictional character. That sucked big time. You may start to see more updates in that site in the coming days. Keep in mind, what one may find there will not be appropriate for the light hearted and those who are below 21 years of age. DON’T COME TO THAT SITE. Because, it is the life of a man who left home, and came to a place and took a deliberate wild ride just to know what it means to live that life. In tears, pain, laughs, happiness and a lot of things which you will only read there, which are not really good in the point of view of many…. Here is the site. Sajuashan.

The Signature Of A True Human Is The Smile He/She Brings On The Face Of Others.

4 Replies to “What Sucks”

  1. Facebook doesn’t suck! Myspace sucks- its creepy. Facebook, at least there is some privacy… you can control what strangers see or friends of friend’s see on your page. Plus it’s just a way to communicate without all the fancy backgrounds. It’s more mature than myspace, but it’s not as mature as xanga. Then again, who writes nowadays? (( I am referring to the general population )).

  2. Hey, thats nice…you love your smile. :). Its good to experiment life in a different way. You know what, my problem is if I try to live in a particular way, my mind always feel wht would be if I lived in another way. Don’t know why I don’t feel satisfied. I will surely visit your site. Have fun! 🙂

    ~Namaste~ Nidhi

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