Weekend, Party And A Dream.

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The wheel in hand, smooth and stayed steady,
Sun towards the left of me died in tears,
Those little drops wiper blades consumed,
What a wonderful trip in soliloquy spent.

From the story of a lost lover to politics,
I spent talking three hours in full,
And I knew not how fast those hours of drive went,
And tiredness of the long week, busy work not felt.

With brother and family a wonderful weekend spent,
As the birthday of my little niece in laughs,
And food and more laughs on the snow filled backyard.
Oh’ days of laughs confuse me not,
As happiness of these kinds comes to me without doubts.

Early Monday morning woke up as a fighter,
Yes a dream I saw about a man fighting for a girl,
A girl whom he never thought may love him
The dream played in my mind like a movie,
As the Oscar night before added fuel to dreams.

Five minutes after my waking hour,
Only a vague impression of the dream in me remained,
When at the end the dream I heard her say,
“I will be with you for who you are,
As I love you as who you are,
When the swords of men’s brutality at my throat came,
I have seen courage, I have seen blood, I have seen death,
But in it all I have seen the loving heart of yours,
And here I vow by my sweat, blood and soul,
To live caring your love in every bit of life known”

Those words echoed in my ears during the drive back,
Work consumed me but still I did not forgot,
And another night too passed me by,
And as another busy day roaring at me,
The dream went to where it truly belong,
And me, into the matrix of an inescapable system.

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  1. You don’t think then that using women to sell products by portraying them as objects for sex is sexism?

    I agree that America is much better then other parts of the world but I do believe we have a way to go.

    This is an issue that I am just beginning to explore. It is hard to objectively measure a culture one has always been a part of.

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