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I have finished editing the book. I never thought I will meet the deadline but I did. I added couple of poems in the end. In all there are 115 full poems in the book. Some poems none seen before. The book contains two sections, which are collection of poems written mostly in 2006 and 2007.  Yesterdays and Romantic Feelings. Here is what the collection of poems Yesterdays is all about


Months passed and rotted away,
Like tree leaves in Autumn days,
A winter passed and a spring bloomed,
Summer scared the spring days away,
And when warmth everywhere I feel,
The days and months passed,
All look like fairy tales told,
Heard and died away along with childhood days,
Still one face evergreen stays,
In mind, in the depths of soul,
Where in all honesty that face don’t belong.
Sixty days I will spent in my try to write,
In these days I will try,
To move through places, lives of people,
Through the good, bad, dirty and ugly,
Paths of life with only one aim,
Get rid of the face from my heart,
Once more through writing I will try,
To leave a loving feeling.

These are writings about those days,
Written a day after those days into past gone.

Did I succeeded in that try to get a face and all feelings I felt about that face out of my mind? Wait until the book comes out, spend some money and read all that I have gone through in that effort.

Here is what Romantic Feelings is all about

Romantic Feelings.

Mind to mind, mind went,
Gathered every feeling,
Every emotion from all those who shared,
Went through day to day events,
To connect to minds that spent,
In the ordinary paths of cities,
And the country gravel roads.
Where life flourished in pains,
Laughs, outbursting anger,
Sheer frustrations and audacity to write,
Write about it all in the eyes of a lover,
So here I dedicate my writings to all who loved,
Who love and will love, my romantic feelings.

Hope you all enjoy the book when it comes out… Have a great week ahead all of you.

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  1. Many Many Congrats! These are just lovely poems, especially the yesterday one, I liked it very much. Each word is coming so naturally. It is an amazing flow. Paths of life with only one aim, get rid of the face from my heart…..By the way, which face are you talking about?

    Hope you are doing great! ~Namaste~ Nidhi

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