O Sanam

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No poem from me and there won’t be much coming your way for sometime unless some idea should come and hit on my head like a tornado. Well, I am working on the last part of Tess but I decided to rewrite it, straightening some of my own thoughts about it. There is only person who will truly understand how twisted my mind can be now.
 Well I am not going to leave you all empty handed… watch the following video, watch it carefully, many people understood this video all wrong because the way the video was edited and put together. What is the theme of the video, what do you understand from it. Tell me when is the only time the girls face is fully shown. This is Lucky Ali’s Music Video of the famous song O Sanam. It is one of my favorite song.

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  1. I hate poetry cold streaks, right now Im having quite allot of ideas in my head so I feel very fortunate for that… Interesting song and video didnt understand a word of it but I like that sometimes I think that it helps the mind I think my favorite world artist is “Amadou and Mariam” they are allot of fun to listen to I think they sing in french they have very nice beats…Pretty cool stuff man hope that your mind gets sparked with ideas again soon I enjoy your poetry and thanks for your nice comments…

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