Lost In One Ways

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I felt lost when I thought about many things.This poem is a by-product of those thoughts. I really don’t know howmany will truly understand this. I know one will.

Have a super sunday and a great week ahead.

Lost In One Ways.

Upon the roads like worms moved,
The never ending traffic through the city.

Songs of the feelings of spring,

The blazing heat of summer sun,

The cold of the monstrous winters,

The death of the breezy autumn all blown,

Overhead many many times passed,

Still the ways I passed Oh’ all of them,

And the many, many turns I took,

One ways wherever I went,

Every effort to face the traffic in futile remained.

None in front came but from way behind faded,
And some turns took me to traffic that faced me,
Some of those who faced me took other turns,
Some where eighteen wheelers from which I ran,
Most just stayed stunned with dark wind-shields.

Like a mad dog through those one ways I walked,
Wondering why am I lost in the city well known,
Oh’ looks like the city changed a lot and I did not,
All goes through one ways ahead always I am,
Why my mind can’t figure out roads in younger years passed,
Through most roads in repetition again and again gone,
With the feeling of the spring’s music inside cherished,
The reality of that feeling dancing far, far away,
In the rhythm of that music understood yet forgetting,
And never will I reach a two way road to that reality,
As forever in these winding roads lost I am.

Metallica-Nothing Else Matters.

Someone said in a comment here “mmm metallica” I left a comment for that person which I thought is good for all of you too here it is  “Yes I am a big Metallica fan. FYI, I am originally from India. Whentheir Black Album came out first we only heard the news in BBC worldservice radio. We didn’t had cable networks at that time in the smalltown in India. Me and one of my friend travelled nearly 100 miles tothe nearby city to get the album. But the music store only got a LP andthey don’t have Record Players in the stores. We bought the record andcame all the way back home. I don’t have a record player at home onlycassette players. We went to my friends home who have a record player.The moment we played Enter Sandman. My friends dad kicked us out. Andin a conservative small town going to a girls house itself is a wildidea, then playing music many believe as evil war cry not at all a goodidea. Now I took the record and went to another friends place. He andhis family was out of town, so I literally broke into the house. It wasfarm house so no soul nearby to hear the war cry, only their pet dogwas around who is quite friendly with me. He howled couple of timesduring the play of the entire album.I heard it like 15 times straight.The very sound of the album is something I have never heard till thatdate. If not seen get this “Classic Albums – Metallica: Metallica [DVD](2001) Metallica; Classic Albums” This is a good documentary of themaking of the Black Album.”

11 Replies to “Lost In One Ways”

  1. You story is a terribly interesting one. I’m sure it colors all of your experiences quite uniquely, which also applies to your posts.

    I haven’t honestly read too too many yet. Lately I’ve been writing and writing and it’s just been coming out like a river. So I use most of my time posting and revising and editing. But I’m empty right now. lol.

    Your quest for listening freedom is a fascinating one. I felt funny about it, because I think I would have done the same thing if I were you! I love music. I know that India has gone through so much change in recent years. It will be interesting to see how the major nations will fit together in the coming ones.

    I see a little streak of independence in there, if not a big one. lol. going to a girls house in a conservative culture. mmhmm. not good. Korean culture is very similar to indian culture in its conservatism. Though they aren’t usually adjacent enough for people to see. I’m only learning about it, since I was adopted from Korea and raised in America. My town had no other asians so I am completely whitewashed! But it’s all very interesting.

    I like american culture. Some of it is messy and dishonorable. I don’t like those parts. But I like the freedom to think and act according to your impulses and ideas. I can’t imagine constantly checking my actions and my words. I may be considered spoiled in this way. I’m not sure.

    I think I’m a bit undisciplined in general. I have lots of growing up to do. My posts indeed reflect this. When I think of something, I write it down as soon as possible, or else I’ll forget it. Usually this is on paper. I write what I’m going to write on the paper, and it’s usually a terrible mess. So when I go to put my stuff online, I just try to get it online, before I can’t wade my way through my swampy composing. lol.

    I appreciate your interest! It’s really encouraging!

    And finally I can start doing some reading of my subscrips myself. I’m a bit tired of my own thoughts for a while!

    Thanks. =)

  2. I was a big fan of Metallica when I was in highschool, Master of Puppets was one of the defining albums of my early musical experience. It’s amazing that you went so far to get the Black Album, imagine how far such a thing is from the ability now to find a song/album with a few clicks.

    On a different but related topic, I was so excited when I found out about Google Book Search and the ability to download scanned copies of all books in the public domain that have been preserved digitally.

  3. i feel the same way about zoos, but u gotta think about the long run. the wild isn’t all that safe 4 them n/emore, what with poachers n all. so it’s somewhat 4 the best. they could give them more room to run around, but at least they r safe.

  4. clear imagery, that’s a great way to describe one of the attributes of your style, definitely.

    when it rains here, the worms come out to play. one time they were so playful that they covered the entire pavement. could barely walk anywhere without killing one

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