Tears Of Love.

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****This is not big enough for a new post. Just an update that I posted the first installment of my writing called “Never Ending Day Dream” in Sajuashan site. Those of you interested can read it there. Let me know what do you think about my prose and your comments and suggestion in correcting it is great appreciated.
Thanks all have a great week****

End Update

First, after more that threeyears I finally changed the layout of this site. Took a theme from thetheme collection. Tell me how is it.

I don’t think I should say anything about this poem. I will just tellthe situation that led to writing this poem. Couple of days back I was trying to respond toa question I found in  Xinergy’s page that asked, “Whatdoes it take for someone to earn your trust?” so I was trying to writeabout trust and a story came to my mind. It was totally fictitious. Idid not wrote it there, I kept it in scribefire. Just when I was about to goto bed today I thought I should work on that idea. What came out of it wasthe following poem. I made some adjustments afterwards to give it a bit moreclarity.
Have a great weekend.

Tears Of Love.

The season filled the days with flowers,
Then the season filled the night with stars,
They all fought and the battle they lost,
As the glow of your love upon my heart you left.

Gone, gone are the days,
The days that defined the future ways,
Love filled will be the life,
When purity of love you leave upon every living,
And blessed the world will be in your smiles.

Such were the words he wrote to get to her,
Those campus days of uncertainty,
Romance was a race to win for her,
And they lived together with doubts deep in mind,
The meaning of love only through material life known,
Nothing about each other they both known.

Where life will take he knew not,
And many feelings inside him he buried,
Hand in hand they walked in front of the world,
Yet heart at each other never really smiled.

The busy work life grabbed them next,
And further and further they both went,
Under one roof they have slept,
Yet found no reason to grow in each other,
And discontent about her in him grown.

Business trip took him away into busy city life,
And as the day died around him, at dinner he met,
The charms of a beauty filled with venomous lust,
Her talks and ways amused him in intoxication,
And with her back to her place he went.

Through her drunken mockery she told,
To forget the past and never think about the future,
And live the moment in the joy of her,
Through his veins long lost verses came to him,
Verses in the days that defined future ways.

Left her without another word or touch,
As every doubt about everything he felt,
And reached back home to a girl he thought,
Who don’t know how to love him beyond herself.

About the dinner and the aftermath to her he told,
Without a word she stood hearing all that he told,
What went through her mind he knew not,
But in a sudden move the six iron from his golf bag she took,
Her swing was good as right on his butts she hit,
That left him on the floor in severe pain.

Biting lips and with closed eyes upon his knees he sat,
Seeing stars in the dark of his  eyelids closed ,
Then upon his forehead the warmth of her lips he felt,
The kiss that surprised him in every way.

Tried to open his eyes but he could not,
As no more pain he felt but a feeling in his chest,
The first ever feeling he felt when upon her eyes he first looked,
He sat there not knowing anything about what he felt,
Then upon his nose fell a drop of tear,
Just a drop of tear that told him how much she loved.

14 Replies to “Tears Of Love.”

  1. it has been a long time since i read or myself written a poem of this size…yet it read rather quickly…with much joy in knowing it was time well worth spent here…as for the new outlook on your site…it makes it seem like we are reading a book….ones of old written in hand and covers sewn and etched together

    much love and care to you and yours


  2. I was riveted to this; great prose turned into a poem; you captured the moments in great emotion…you should continue this as in chapters. thanks for sharing and also for your kind comments at my place. 

    until next time,

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