In Search For A Footprint.

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I don’t lie. I am too old for that. But I don’t really speak directlythat’s how I became a poet… hehehe. Here is my picture and a poem.Some knows what I mean, others try to figure out what is going on.

In Search For A Footprint.

Through lost ways gathered,
Time as brutal past enshrined,
Blurring the offenses of those days,
Smiles of irony enchants upon face.

Whispers of love only in illusions lived,
Reality never birthed even in life filled,
With negative charms of some unknown curse,
Leaving questions inside mind,
“Why did I birthed and in every breath love her?”

The meaning of love O searched and searched,
In the light of love, in the enshrined past,
Shadows that kept in dark those feelings,
All gone leaving no footprints behind.

The feeling of love O they consumed mind,
The light from the soul in every corner filled,
Oh’ so bright became the light of love,
Leaving every sense blinded by the glow.

Every step taken with all senses shut,
They all in the wrong of life ended,
And the light of love faded in the dark,
Darkness of feelings of love unacknowledged.

All ways ahead O dead ends they all are,
Only ways to the roots known in depths of past,
Maybe in the deserted ways may find,
A footprint or two of mistakes of oneself,
From where will come back paving ways,
Ways ahead in search of a happy day.

Anjali Anjali pushpanjaali – From the Tamil movie ‘Duet” One of my favorite  Indian actress Meenakshi Sheshadri is the one who acted in this movie. Great songs especially this one. Music by A.R.Rahman, Performed by S.P.Balasubramaniam and Sujatha.

10 Replies to “In Search For A Footprint.”

  1. Hi there!

    You are welcome, and thanks for dropping by and left me a comment. That was nice of you. Yea I could see you wrote a lot of poems and I red this poem too. It very nostalgic and I like how this is about love. I can relate to this but some part I kinda lost to it but over all this is a great poem. I like it. Very classic, very nostalgic like I remember the innocent love I used to have when I was younger.

    Nice to meet you. =)

    Have a nice weekend too!

  2. Hey! Thanks for commenting! I was lurking so much around here to feel the gist of things that I completely overlooked the Poetry in your name. Anyway, all I left you was a footprint the first time, now this.

    Re: movies …

    I love a lot of campy Indian movies; and the first time I realized when the characters’ speaking was mixed with both Hindi (? likely) and English, I thought I’d entered some kind of language world warp and had learned to understand what they were saying without the subtitles! Then, of course, it dawned on me that I understood mostly only the English parts. Fun anyway …

    And that poem is serious! Here’s to “…come back paving ways,/Ways ahead in search of a happy day.”

    Take care!

  3. you don’t lie?! surely you must. you’re an adult like the rest of us. do we not speak in series of white lies? imagine if all we talked was the truth, blunt and honest. we’d be kids again, regressed. only kids are gay and innocent and heartless

  4. oh of course i’m not saying you never lied! i’d be honored to meet someone who’s never told a lie in his/her life. more than honored. amazed. it’s just not how the world works. but yeh, of course not literally that you never lied.

    i’m still a bit torn between telling and not telling lies sometimes. tell lies if they don’t hurt anyone and if they don’t make you feel guilty. it shouldn’t be something that one has to think about consciously before doing anyway, should come naturally. as long as we don’t lie to ourselves.

  5. Hey, you look exactly same like your childhood snap! Why you say there are no footprints behind, I feel they are still there in your heart. I like your imagination. My fav lines are,” The meaning of love o searched and searched, in the light of love, in the…………”.

    That picture is good. If I get a chance to watch it, I’ll surely. None of my friend is Tamilian, I have to search to get it! 🙂

    Bless You…..Hope you get your footprints soon!

    ~Namaste~ Nidhi

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