Advice To A Lost Lover

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Heading towards a weekend. At times here in this site and I have said many times, what process through which Itake an event and expand that event to an idea and write about it. Theprocess remain same no matter what different ways I put it. Sometimethe whole process may take about 10 min. Sometime it may take a week ortwo. There was one time it took nearly 10 years. Life in two differentcountries, 3 relationships in between, 3 major deaths in the family.Still I held on to that one idea. That’s the first suggestion I cangive to a young writer. Consistency and the persistence on beingunique. The one reason I stayed in Xanga is there are many youngwriters who show that amazing talent of expression through words. It isthe most difficult art form. As many are young and naive they justdon’t know the treasure they are sitting upon. When I said treasure Ididn’t mean that one is sitting on top of a pot of Gold or money. Poetryis not valued in money and in fact there is little or no money one canearn writing poetry. Money is for the brain and actions generated outof brain. Poetry is from the heart, to the heart, so it is thespiritual enhancement that it brings. With that one can perfect a lotof the brainy works. Said that… it may only take a simple phrase onehear or sight one see that triggers the whole process, so in a way, amaterial connection is always there. It then goes through the spiritualside. Not a lot of writers these days really understand the differencebetween an action and its spiritual side. For most of the people it is all bound together. To become a poet the first and foremost thing toachieve is to differentiate between the two. Talent alone won’t makeone a poet, knowledge alone won’t make one a poet either. Knowledge isthe action, it can be learned. Talent is the spiritual side of it andit need to be blend with the action at the right amount. That, one canonly earn by practice. A poet should write everyday. Even if what iswritten don’t make sense he/she should write. Because when God gave youthat talent God meant something with it and you don’t want todisappoint God by denying it.

  Here is a simple example of taking an event from life. When I saidlife I cannot clearly say it is absolutely real. Because from the timeafter this poem is written things have changed. I thought of notposting this poem here ever. What I want to show is, how to treat anevent from a poetic perspective. The situation was, I didn’t heard fromsomeone for sometime. I thought that person is gone-a-gone. Just athought what that person may get if that person comes back. Okay thattriggered the process. I wrote it last weekend. Along with theprevious poem. But during the course of this week, that person came back. Sothe reality of the context does not exists. So I thought this will be agood way to show how to take a little idea and blow it as big aspossible, taking simple words and images from reality itself.

Tides came and gone with the moon,
Still echoed the roar of the sea,
More inside the mind and mind swooned,
Opened eyes watched memories in the swollen waves flee.

Oh’ the memories of the liar in me,
The one in whispers lied and lied ,
That the love I felt for you was an unreal plea,
Of mind in beauty and charms bide.

Why ye left love to the monstrous dark?
Tightening chains, mind from inside bound,
The flow of the world making thoughts stark,
Leaving love in soul an un-healable wound.

Step back in time, the healer ever forgiving,
Back at those sunny spring and summer days look,
Days and nights spent in ones own soul rediscovering,
In each other’s mind from where love we took.

Now each other we both lost,
In distant deserts where spring never blooms,
Only mirages we both see of each other’s paths we crossed,
And the paths ahead filled with mists of gloom.

Come back, O dear, come back, with smile so bright,
The love ye sought in fulfillment still in this heart reigns,
In the blinding dark give a lost soul love filled sight,
And enlighten your own soul from loveless pain.

Come back and the looming silence you break,
From a heart that dwells in the realm of gloom,
And in your silence forever ache,
And will wait even beyond the day of doom.

  Now here is something I am starting to work on…. maybe some of youcan also work with this. “Stepdad’s crimes, his authority, his passion,his vigilance. Themother’s helplessness, Their love, the mother’s love… the chaos ofall in everyday life. The heart so frozen with every given day gone by.Freedom from it all an oasis far far away.” This is how I make an idea.I got this idea during writing a comment for another post. As I haven’tdealt with a step dad or step mom situation I really have to dig deep intomy imagination to write this. Some of you who have dealt with suchsituations will be able to express this idea more realistically. Let meknow so that we can compare the works.

Have a great weekend.

19 Replies to “Advice To A Lost Lover”

  1. What to say…….I has filled my heart! Seriously, I can’t say……..m thinking what words to write here that will describe inside of my heart. Can I please copy it and keep it with me?

    I feel this poem is among the best of your creativity. Keep going…….your words express many unsaid feelings that lay deep down and can’t be said by many people.

    I feel the writing above the poem is for me. Well, I think I don’t have that talent, but I write only to express myself. Many assume that my personality is totally different to the way I write. May be I just want to tell them I am also like that…….may be if I smile always it doesn’t mean that I cannot be hurted.

    Hope you are doing great! Happy weekend.

    Bless You. ~Namaste~ Nidhi

  2. Hey,

    Thanks for the comment.  I really enjoy your work here.  And your incites as well.  To me, art (of any kind) is God filtered through a specific set of guidelines.  I have never been higher than my moments as a filter. 

    All the best to you in your creative endeavors 🙂


  3. @Red_Three – That’s when you think from the material point of view. On the spiritual side there is a reason for everything and there is a place for everyone in the span of time one lives. So the question is irrelevant or it becomes irrelevant with the passing of time. The inevitable will happen whether you like it or not or want it or not. You have the choice of finding your own way. 

  4. This is really true genius from the title to the work itself… I felt lost inside this one the words played with my mind like a cat with yarn… I loved this one I would highlight my favorite parts like usual but there were too many good parts and almost the whole piece would end up in here well done friend…

  5. oh yeh you’re right for telling her all that. i was reading a textbook for a final tomorrow and something really caught my eye: “How can people behave differently after a loss in a way that increases fitness? First, you should stop what you are doing. Just as pain can make us let go of a hot potato, sadness motivates us to stop current activities that may be causing losses.”

    looks like those Darwinian scientists have got it if only people will learn!

  6. You have amazing syntax . . . it presses the reader to read carefully.  It is a lovely poem in the way it speaks of loss, but does not come across as morose.  I have such a difficult time in that regard.  I enjoyed reading your works very much.

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