Time To Move.

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When some event or situation comes to an end it really gives a hard feeling. Truly, the feelings is awesome after nearly a month of hectic vacation. The first half was spent on mostly Sufi meditation. Then I visited my relatives spent a lot of time relaxing. I thought of going around and taking some pictures and videos. I took some, I hope I will get enough time to edit and post them. One major change, I became bigger, not in height but in weight, I added an extra 15lbs and now stands around 210lbs. The food here is awesome…. hehehe.. I look like a little elephant now, especially around my waist. May be I will take a full picture of mine and post it here. I will try.
 Well, I am going to take a long drive once I reach USA. Those who know me very well will know exactly where I will be…..

To conclude this part of the year, let me just tell you, it is just hard to change things and when it happens, there is more of sadness of what is gone and it takes time for those feelings to evolve to gladness. Pray for me to smile soon, my friends, my virtual family, my darling, I love you all.

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  1. Aaww you’re always in my thoughts and even tho as you know I don’t have any structured religion, I do wish you come home in good health and your smile come soon to give light and warm to our hearts. Luv


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