Stupid, Insincere, Tired, Fat Still Back

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I said stupid in the title, yes, it was not a mistake, I did it again. I booked the ticket all wrong. I booked the ticket for June 19th and the flight time was 12:15AM. Then I booked tickets from Cochin to Mumbai and from Mumbai to Delhi on June 19th. When I reached New Delhi airport they told me the mistake I made. I just stood there not knowing what the hell happened. Then came this girl she asked me what is the problem. I told her ” Super Stupidity” and explained to her my situation. She took my passport and e-ticket paper and left talked to some people and came back with a ticket and told me to proceed to the check in lane fast. I did moved fast, looking for a pen in my bag. Once I got into the lane I turned to see her waving me bye. I said thank you and I am sure she read my lips and she smiled and went to another passenger. She wore glasses and is an employee of American Airlines in Delhi. That’s all I know. That was the stupid and Insincere part. I was thinking all the way during the flight what sort of a man I am, not even thanking her for the help I did.
  The flight was terrible, the food in the plane sucked big time, the flight attendants were rough, one even threatened me saying, I will call the Air Marshall and get you arrested, for using the toilet more than 5 min( I brushed my teeth and took a shave there hehehe). Well at the end of the day I am tired, feeling too fat but back.

Now how fat I become, look at me with Kunjhi Thangal, He is a family friend and one of the direct descendants of Prophet Mohammed(PBUH). I am going on a crash diet program from tomorrow to get rid of all the excess fat I got… in the language of the airline people… get rid of the excess baggage. hehehe…

Have a great weekend everyone. I am going to sleep all night tonight and tomorrow… before I start driving…

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  1. I’m glad to see you back and I hope you can rest and feel great in the morning. I hate planes cuz I’m always so distracted and keep missing my planes and getting lost at the airports, I’m glad your lil problem was solve and you could come home in good health. Luv


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